v2.0 Email & SMS Sequence Campaigner : A ChatPion Add-on
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With this ChatPion add-on, you will be able to create email, SMS drip or sequence campaign for page’s Messenger subscribers those have email address & phone number in the system collected by quick reply or email post-back button.

Key Features:
  • Create email & SMS sequence campaign
  • Edit campaign
  • Assign sequence campaign during opt in
  • Bulk assign sequence campaign
  • Individual subscriber assign
  • Postback click assign
  • Hourly campaign set
  • Daily campaign set
  • Full report of sending


Want to know more about Email & SMS Sequence Campaigner Add-on? Please read our Documentation

Change Log

V2.0 – 31st January 2022

-ChatPion v8.0 combability 

v1.3.4 - 21st October 2020

- Fix: Create/Update Email/SMS template in campaign form issue

v1.4 - 9th December 2020

- Added more minute segmentation in 24H timing section

v1.3.3 - 15th October 2020

- Fixes SMS template creating, updating issue

v1.3.2 - 5th October 2020

- Email view template not found
- Email template update route not found

v1.3.1 - 6th July 2020

- Creating email sms sequence campaign from bot settings error

v1.3 - 2nd July 2020

- Sequence campaign edit issue

v1.2 - 17th June 2020

- External contact sequence support added

v1.1 - 7th June 2020

- Fix : First Name, Last Name, Unsubscribe Link Added in Email/SMS template form

v1.0 - 20th May 2020

- Initial release

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  • Hello there,
    we are interested in this addon but we need only 1 functionality. we want to assign and remove to sms sequence through api.
    if it is available then please let me know

  • i wanted to purshase but there was a problem please help me

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      2 years ago

      Sorry for late response. What problem you are facing actually ? Can you please elaborate it.

  • Hi, I have a XeroChat extended license, this addon work as saas too ?

  • is it possible to collect email from the website not only with a chatbot? any type of submission is there?

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      2 years ago

      Sorry for late response. We are currently working for an add-on to collect email from website with optin-form builder. It will be released soon.

  • When we expect Sequence campaign for External contact features update on this addon??

  • is there an update?

  • Is it possible to make email campaigns with external contacts?

    For example, we add a contact list.

    We choose this list to make an email campaign from your add-on, a bit like we would do on an email software.

    And if we send too much email, through facebook subscribers as shown in your tutorials, it can make a blocking of accounts or the application?

    thank you

  • Hi
    Thanks for providing this feature as requested by me too.

    I have already purchased this since the second day of the release

    But their are quite some few things missing

    Which i think it should be their.

    External contacts should get the sequences option too including the webview since both email and sms is collected with the webviews.

    2. The sequences should have personalization eg user *first name* tag

    But surprisingly its missing from it.


    If possible, can you include Automated Rules ?

    E.g. if a subcriber gets a new label stop sequence

    That would give it a more sales Automation features.

    Some feature request

    I. Please find a way to export email & phone from webview fields to external contacts directly

    This is very useful and you know the advantage of what am saying.

    Options can be made to port it directly while collecting the email & phone

    2. Unsubcribe link should be available in SMS so users can unsubscribe to help stay compliant and save cost

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      3 years ago

      1. It's already available. Both Quick reply & Webview button for collecting email will work for email or sms sequence.

      2. It's also available but seems missed to give the tag information , use these #FIRST_NAME# , #LAST_NAME# tag

      3. I. Please find a way to export email & phone from webview fields to external contacts directly :

      Do you mean webview form builder ? Otherwise the option is already available to collect email or phone through webview as postback button.

      4. Yes, We will add it in future of-course.

      5. We will also think about rule implement in future.

  • With the Quick Reply button, only email addresses from the user's Facebook account can be collected, so it's not proactive and flexible.
    How can a user actively enter the email address they desire.?
    If a webview form is used, the user will not receive an automated email sequence

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