7th Oct 2019

SMS integration into ChatPion. Now you can send automated replies to your clients who will provide their phone number. Also can send bulk SMS to your created/uploaded phone numbers list.

Integration procedure:

First of all please go to the menu Broadcasting then click actions of the SMS API settings section.

Now you’ll be in the SMS API integration panel. Click the New API button. A popup window will appear to put all the necessary information. Please watch the below video playlist about how to get all the information. You can also click the instructions button to gather knowledge.

How to get all SMS API info? Check the full playlist here

With ChatPion you can send SMS in two ways. One is from Quick Reply of Messenger Bot. For this, you’ll need to configure a setting going to the menu Messenger Bot then click Actions link from Bot Settings section. Now click the General Settings tab and then select your desired SMS API and provide a reply message and hit the save button.

You can also send bulk SMS to your clients' phone number or your uploaded phone number list. You can do this from the menu Broadcasting, then click the actions link of SMS campaign section. This will redirect you to the campaign list page. Now click the New SMS Campaign button. Please provide all the necessary information and hit the Create Campaign button.

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Enjoy all the awesome features of ChatPion.

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  • Hi Developer, how can i use other provider not listed here. Eg. Clicksend.com

    • Currently there is no default way. You will need to do it by customizing code.

    • hddoor

      1 year ago

      is it easy to customise? using api or have to change coding from source code?

    • Have to change code from source code. I am afraid, it will not be easy , but good profession developer can do it by finding the code & writing his own.

      But one thing we want mention that, there is no guarantee that your customization code will not update/replaced by any of our update.

    • hddoor

      1 year ago

      Will you be considering an option for us end user to easily add our own API call for other sms provider instead pf making changes to source code.

    • Currently we don't have plan , but thanks for your suggestion. We will give another thinking in future.


  • Hi,

    Could every user input their own SMS API credential ? or they will use the SMS resources from the main account?

  • Hi thanks for the feature. I have a question same with MailChimp. As an admin I don't want to bear the cost of the sma blasting. So my end user can apply Twillio on their own and put their own API ?

    • Yes, System allow this & this is the actual way to work. Each user need to use their own SMS gateway account & API .


  • Can we have different SMS TEXT based on Bot Settings Keyword Reply ?

    For example:
    1. Keyword hotdog
    will get SMS: Thank you for ordering hotdog

    2. Keyword burger
    will get SMS: Your Burger is in process

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      2 years ago

      No, That's not available. And we don't have plan for it also as we don't track the last keyword for whom email quick reply come. So we have no plan for it in near future also.


  • " You can also send bulk SMS to your clients' phone number or your uploaded phone number list"

    so this mean we can broadcast to our subscriber or our xerochat user?
    and send sms to custom uploaded phone number, isnt?

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