27th Jun 2020

How to set up Ecommerce Payment Settings in XeroChat:

We know that E-commerce is the backbone to build business worldwide. By the way, Alongside all-powerful features of XeroChat has integrated today world's most powerful E-commerce platform to make your business more flexible.

To complete this process you must have payment accounts to get payment from your buyers. So this is for helping to set up Payment system for E-commerce. Payment settings is global for one account, that means all store of the same account will use same payment system.

Go to Messenger Bot -> Messenger e-commerce store -> Payment Accounts section. Here you’ll see the Payment accounts form.

You can set up three types of payment systems: Paypal, Stripe and manual Payment System.

PayPal Email: Provide your PayPal business account email.

PayPal Sandbox Mode: If you want to test the paypal payment then you have to enable sandbox mode.

Stripe secret Key & Stripe published key: If you want to integrate your stripe account then you’ve put your stripe secret key and stripe published key of your stripe account.

Currency: Select your country payment currency.

Currency alignment: This setting is for make your currency alignment right or left. If you enable it then currency will be shown at right side of amount. Suppose your payment amount is 50 and your currency is $, so the amount will be shown as 50$. If you disable it then the amount will be shown as $50.

Two decimal Places: If you enable it then amount will be shown with two decimal points. Suppose your amount is 39.44 and you enabled it, so it will show the amount as 39.44

Comma Separated: If you enable it, then amount will be shown as comma separated, suppose your amount is 29000, so the amount will be shown as 29,000

Manual Payment: Manual payment is for take payment manually from user manually and uploads payment documents in the system.

Enjoy all the awesome features of XeroChat.

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