26th Feb 2020

You can now integrate Activecampaign into XeroChat. From now with this feature all the emails collected from messenger Quick Reply or user’s sign up will automatically added to your desired Activecampaign list.

Integration procedure:

First of all please go to the menu Messenger Bot then click actions of the Email Auto Responder section. Then click ActiveCampaign Integration.

Now you’ll be in the ActiveCampaign API integration panel. Click the Add Account button. A popup window will appear to put Tracking Name, API URL and API Key. Please provide your ActiveCampaign account’s API URL, API key and also give a name so that you can recognize it later.

Clicking on the Save button will grab all the list from your given ActiveCampaign account.

How to get ActiveCampaign API key?

With XeroChat you can collect emails in two ways. One is from when a user sign up into XeroChat system. In order to send user’s sign up email to your Activecampaign list, you need to configure a setting going to the menu System→Settings then click Change Settings from General section. Now click Email Auto Responder tab and select your ActiveCampaign list where you want to send the collected email.

Other one is from Quick Reply of Messenger Bot. You also need to configure a setting to send collected emails to your ActiveCampaign list. For this please go to the menu Messenger Bot then click Actions link from Bot Settings section. Now click the General Settings tab and then select your desired ActiveCampaign list and hit the save button.

Enjoy all the awesome features of XeroChat.

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