2nd Jun 2021

V9.2 - 15th Feb 2024 (Auto update only)

Change Log:

- Instagram video posting error fix
- Instagram filter world doesn't work if the comment reply option is blank issue fix
- Social posting removed feature still showing for users who upgrade chatpion from old version to latest version issue fix
- Removed analytics button from Instagram
- Get JSON code option is now back

V9.1.5 - 14th Feb 2024 (Auto update only)

Change Log:

- Call us button is now back


Change Log:

- gpt-3.5 is now back for open AI

V9.1.3 - 4th Feb 2024 (Auto update only)

Change Log:

- Fix: Undefined variable issue fix for member user with team member add-on

V9.1.2 - 22nd Jan 2024 (Auto update only)

Change Log:

- Fix: Private reply not sent issue fix in the comment automation section


Change Log:

- Fix: Unknown column 'user_id' while configuring Open Ai API


Change Log:

- New: AI Integration add-on is now free of cost.

V9.0.2 - 11th Jan 2024 (Auto update only)

Change Log:

- Fix: The postback manager menu is now reverted.
- Fix: Error in the dashboard while login as a Team member issue fix.
- Fix: Menu manager reset issue fix.
- Improve: Openai's latest model support for AI reply add-on.

V9.0.1 - 9th Jan 2024 (Auto update only)

Change Log:

- Fix: LiveChat loading issue fix if timezone is not set.
- Fix: In action button settings section display "#TITLE#" issue fix.
- Fix: Error after unlink social account issue fix.

V9.0 - 8th Jan 2024 (Auto update only)

1. Huge improvements on Live Chat:

- Attractive and feature-rich design.
- Browser notification and sound notification for new message received.
- Canned response. (Generate and store responses for instant sending)
- Attach file (Send file, image, video, audio on Live Chat).
- Record voice or sound and send on Live Chat.
- System messages and notifications for adding and removing labels and sequences.
- Mark a message to read, unread, archived and unarchived. 
- Return to the dashboard from the live chat with just one click.
- Smooth reloading of the Live Chat window for updating messages.

2. Flow Builder Improvements:

- No more “Trigger keyword” component. Trigger keywords can be added right on the Start Bot Flow. 
- Postback terms are eliminated for an easier bot building experience. 
- Add an existing flow on button and quick reply.
- A Sequence message campaign can be assigned from the Start Bot Flow. 
  Previously, it was possible only on a button. 
- Unsubscribe from sequence automatically from the bot itself. 
  Unsubscribe from sequence options are on the Start Bot Flow and on the button. 
- Conditions can be used anywhere on the bot.
- Added Carousel and button components for Instagram bot.

3. Bot Reply Improvements:

- Duplicate and copy a bot to another Facebook page.
- Export and import bot Flows.

4. Separate menus for Messenger and Instagram have been added, eliminating the need for toggling back and forth.

5. Social Media posting simplified:

- Only Facebook and Instagram posting features are available.
- Other social media posting features are removed for simplicity.

6. Team member add-on has been added.

- Create team role.
- Create team members and assign them to team role.

7. Search tool removed.

8. Scan inbox (Old subscriber synchronization) Removed from the Subscriber Manager.

V8.8 - 26th Oct 2023 (Auto update only)

- Fix : Payment duplicate issue for payment methods including MyFatoorah

V8.7 - 28th Sep 2023 (Auto update only)

- Fix : Importing page issue due to Facebook Business permission.

V8.6 - 6th June 2023 (Auto update only)

- Fix: m.me link reply fix for Messenger Engagement add-on

V8.5- 19 Feb, 2023

- ChatGPT (Open AI GPT-3) Integration add-on support. 
- PHP version 8.2 support

V8.3.6- 08 Nov, 2022

- New: Instagram Reels post.
- Improve: Send Email to store owner instead of user email when new order placed
- Fix: Instagram mentions reply.
- Fix: Errors in Multimedia(video) posting.
- Fix: Instagram video story mention content shown in the live chat section.
- Fix: Daily sequence not working.
- Some minor fixes

V8.3.4 & V8.3.5 (Auto update only)

V8.3.3- 09 Oct, 2022 (Auto update only)

 -Fix: Facebook recurring notification send add-on . One time notification token has been used issue fixed. 

V8.3.2- 18th September 2022

- Fix: Scrollbar display issue for Instagram account list during social posting.
- Fix: Undefined index for custom variable issue during bot export-import.
- Fix: Recurring notification module access issue for a user account.
- Fix: Instagram bot replies multi times even though this feature is turned off.
- Fix: Daily Email Sending issue Of Email SMS sequence for external contacts
- New: Recurring Notification add-on support
- Fix: Recurring Notification add-on module id conflict issue fix.
- Improve: Instagram story mentions content displayed on the live chat section.
- Fix: External Email/SMS Sequence issue in cron job
- Fix: PHP 8 support for QR code
- Fix: Bot Import Issue
- Fix: Mercado pago issue fix
- Fix: Broadcasting loading issue fix
- Fix: New postback clone issue fix
- Improve: Facebook account list scrollable for a long list
- Fix: Flowbuilder campaign edit issue if page name contains (')
- Fix: External Email/SMS Sequence issue in the cron job
- Fix: Action button reply does not work after edit
- Fix: Generic & Carousel template's image aspect ratio issue fix.

V8.2.3 - V8.3.1 (Auto update only)

V8.2.2- 14th April 2022

- Fix issues of auto comment reply edit from report section.
- Some query missing for the last codecanyon version issue fix.

V8.2.1- 2nd April 2022 (Auto update only)

- Fix Facebook carousel posting issue from last update.
- User ID validation check in some delete function.

V8.2- 29th March 2022

- Instagram Carousel posting feature added (Images+Videos).
- Ecommerce in Instagram:  order status change message sending fix
- Few minor adjustments
- Facebook multi-image post: Image limit increased to 10
- Persistent menu for IG

V8.1.8 - 21st March 2022 (Auto update only)

- Support new Google My Business API

v8.1.7 - 16th March 2022 (Auto update only)

- Customer Chatplugin optin message sent problem fixed

V8.1.6 - 15th March 2022 (Auto update only)

- Subscriber list count issue
- Sequence report hourly report - floating point issue
- Signup issue: Mautic autoresponder
- Login with Facebook issue fix
- Labels for Instagram not displaying issue fix.

V8.1.5 - 12th March 2022 (Auto update only)

- Label assign issue fix.
- Action button bot flows are now hidden from the bot flow list.
- Delete option added for messenger bot template category.

V8.1.4 - 8th March 2022 (Auto update only)

- Double opt-in For Email Opt-in form builder Add-on support

V8.1.3 - 7th March 2022 (Auto update only)

- Login with Facebook error invalid email or password from last update issue fix.

V8.1.2- 7th March 2022 (Auto update only)

- Missing query.

V8.1.1 - 7th March 2022 (Auto update only)

- Login with Facebook error invalid email or password from last update issue fix.

V8.1 -7th March 2022 (Auto update only)

- PHP version 8 support
- Login with Facebook issue fix
- Ecommerce coupon apply issue
- Formatted data for email of Webview & User input flow
- Action Button Settings flow display in Visual bot flow list.

V8.0.9 - 22nd February 2022 (Auto update only)

-Fix: Label de-assign issue fix
-Fix: Flow builder Instagram compatible element fix
-Fix: Comment automation offensive word action doesn't work issue fix
-Fix: Instagram private reply error fix

V8.0.8 - 13th February 2022 (Auto update only)

- Action button update usinng flow-builder duplicate error issue fix
- User input condition for label assign issue fix
- Facebook posting multiple image support (5 images)

V8.0.7 - 5th February 2022 (Auto update only)

-Fix: User edit option for Login with Facebook users.
-Fix: Duplicate entry issue if action button is selected during flow campaign edit.

V8.0.5 + V8.0.6 - 2nd February 2022 (Auto update only)

- Error in theme manager (the fix will effect from next update (v8.0.6 or greater), for now the issue will persist)
- Subscriber action webview data for showing issue for few users
- Minor fix for the last update.

V8.0.4 - 1st February 2022 (Auto update only)

- Live chat postback send error display
- First name, Last name display issue in live chat template selection.

V8.0.3 - 31st January 2022 (Auto update only)

- Postback manager and whitelisted domain are back.
- Undefined index issue fix if messenger engagement is selected in action buttons.
- Custom field add issue fix.
- Some minor fixes.

V8.0.2 - 30th January 2022 (Auto update only)

- Front end page missing assets
- Action button does not open up in flow builder issue

V8.0.1 - 29th January 2022 (Auto update only)

- Patch : Undefined index while login as admin in several servers

V8.0 - 29th January 2022

- Built-in integration of Visual Drag & Drop Flow Builder & IniChat IG DM BOT with ChatPion
- New Dashboard with different data of different features like Ecommerce, Email, SMS, IG BOT.
- RTL theme support (general settings)
- Menu Rearrangement to keep things simple in one place as much possible.
- All BOT Settings in one place.
- Easy switching in Facebook & Instagram bot settings
- Account Import page new design
- Account wise page & IG account activity
- Easy page switch in Live Chat
- Postback send feature in live chat
- Subscriber Manager Page optimization
- New design of flow builder’s dock menu & all elements to display data properly.
- Recursive connection in flow builder.
- Auto element place/display on editor based on connection drop.
- OTN – One Time Notification template create inside flow builder.
- Flow or Postback send in Live Chat
- Keyword settings of Messenger Bot & Comment reply will have option to choose exact word match or any substring match.
- Bot template export & import for Instagram DM BOT
- Facebook & Instagram posting in one place.
- Number of subscriber count display in each label/tag
- Auto add label to E-commerce buyer
- Limitation in number of subscribers for your customers.
- Story private reply for for IG
- Those who have purchased Flow Builder will get Condition Reply add-on as free. Read details here

V7.2.9 - 24nd November 2021

-  Few missing database fields for new installation

V7.2.7 - 22nd November 2021

- Exact keyword match reply in messenger bot.
- Full account comment reply template saving issue.
- Ecommerce Store lists show on Cloning Messenger Postback in Classic Editor.
- Latest version support for all add-ons
- Unsubscribe template sending issue fix.
- Exact keyword match issue fix (now support up to three keyword phrases).
- Login with Facebook button issue fix.

V7.2 - V7.2.6 (Auto update only)

V7.1 - 28th August 2021

- New interface for live chat feature
- Support for Instagram Chatbot addon
- Make flow builder multi-lingual
- Ecommerce Featured product name issue fix
- Issue fix for the last update.
- Comment growth tool menu selection and breadcrumbs.
- Paymaya payment method is not showing based on license type.
- Toyyibpay payment method cancel issue fix.
- Fix wordpress rewrite-rule-not-working
- Support For Upcoming Ecommerce Related Products Add-on
- flow builder library fix unique postback

V6.2.2 - V6.2.8 (Auto update only)

V6.2.1 - 2nd June 2021

- Support for Ecommerce Digital Product add-on
- Fix: User Input Email send issue during connectivity add-on nonexist
- Spintax support in posting
- Myfatoorah Currency option solve (static to dynamic)
- Support For Upcoming Ecommerce Digital Product Add-on
- instamojo live mode problem solved
- Fix: Sweetalert Modal issue in Firefox browser
- Fix: Toyyibpay in open new tab in messenger solved
- Fix: Ecommerce attribute name & value having single quote issue
- Import Bot settings New view.
- Toyyibpay payment issue fix.
- language for last updates.
- New: Payment gateway toyyibpay added.
- New: Payment gateway Paymaya added.
- New: Persistent menu upto 20 [Facebook app upgraded to 8.0 or higher]
- New: Messenger sequence in bot export/import (need Messenger Enhancer add-on)
- Fix: Contact assign to targeted segment in Mautic
- Fix: Log for changing SMS API POST & GET Name
- Fix: csv mime type issue in bulk scheduling
- Improved: New design for bot export/import
- Improved: Comment automation menu changed to Comment Growth Tool
- Visual flow builder campaign is added to messenger bot import & export.
- Fix: Affiliate Commission with manual Payment (Extended License)
- Fix: Flow Builder data delete if any page is deleted.

V6.1.2 - V6.2 (Auto update only)

V6.1.2 - 20th March 2021

- Add: Campaign Delay in SMS Campaign
- New: Instagram comment auto-reply template manager
- Improve: New Instagram posting UI introduced
- Fix: Sorting orders by Serial number in Order Table (Ecommerce Store)
- Fix: Paypal payment email display issue (extended license only)
- Improve: Support for upcoming add-on Visual Flow Builder, Affiliate Manager(Extended license only)
- Support for add-on Visual Flow Builder, Affiliate Manager(Extended license only)
- Fix: Error in get started template to edit.
- New: Myfatoorah payment gateway added.
- New: Flow Builder added in messenger bot export & import.

V6.1 & V6.1.1 (Auto update only)

V6.0.8 - 27th February 2021

- Fix: Carousel template without button issue fix.
- Fix: Ecommerce business hour settings edit issue
- Fix: Instagram reply report section link error issue
- Fix: Button undefined fixed
- Fix: WooCommerce to ecommerce product few images do not display issye
- Fix: Twitter account import error display button
- Fix: Tag issue in WhatsApp Send Order Text (Addon)
- Fix: Module access issue in WhatsApp Send Order Text (Addon)
- Fix: BOT Import Variable Warning Fix 
- Fix: Ecommerce Whatsapp order button module conflict issue
- New: Attribute info of product for WhatsApp Send Order Text

V6.0.1 - V6.0.7 (Auto update only)

V6.0 - 31st January 2021

- Instagram Poster added
- Fixes package id is required
- Senangpay Md5 to Shah256 issue fix

V5.3.3 - 26th January 2021

- eCommerce - Improved overall interface
- eCommerce - Facebook page optional for e-commerce store
- eCommerce - New payment method Mercadopago, SSLCommerz, Instamojo, Senangpay && Xendit
- eCommerce - Scheduled advance order receiving
- eCommerce - Add to cart is in pop-up, do not need to visit product single page
- eCommerce - Back button introduced
- eCommerce - Store theme color and font selection
- eCommerce - Delivery point wise QR Code
- eCommerce - Guest purchase
- eCommerce - Category image and drag and drop category sorting
- eCommerce - Category wise product grouping
- eCommerce - Product grid view introduced
- eCommerce - Product ordering option selection
- eCommerce - Preparation time and business hour settings
- eCommerce - Signed-up customer lists and download
- eCommerce - Store admin can reset singed-up customers password
- eCommerce - Product single page image first
- eCommerce - Store widget embed code
- eCommerce - Enable/disable add to cart or buy now button
- eCommerce - Ecommerce signed up customer list search issue
- eCommerce - Ecommerce receipt print tablet issue
- eCommerce - Ecommerce carousel edit issue in bot settings
- eCommerce - Enable/disable home delivery
- New : Integrated new payment method Mercadopago, SSLCommerz, Instamojo, Senangpay && Xendit
- New : Create carousel reply template using Ecommerce products
- New : User input flow campaign & custom fields export import in bot export import feature
- Fix : Member profile edit does not work on some servers
- Fix : LinkedIn Posting Issue with Message Content
- Fix : Medium Integration with Integration Token
- Fix: mercadopago country problem showing
- Fix: SMS/Email contact unicode issue
- Fix: User profile patch due to EU policy for Messenger Bot Subscribers
- Fix: Database index size and a certain table creation issue in a few servers
- Fix: Support for XeroBizz & woocommerce integration add-on

V5.3 - V5.3.2 (Auto update only)

V5.2.0.1 - V5.2.0.3 (Auto update only)

V5.2 (Auto update only)

V5.1.9 - 28th November 2020

- LinkedIn report showing issue fix
- Subscribers email import into Acelle list
- Ecommerce same product with attribute variation price issue
- Facebook poster fixes database memory leak issue
- During edit template, the corresponding div not showing for reply type change issue fix
-  Text type reply option missing issue fix.
- Undefined variable user_input_flow_exist issue if User Input and Custom Fields add-on not exist.
- Missing autoposting & ecommerce database columns due to failed update
- Column 'subject' cant not be null issue
- Ecommerce status change messenger notification issue fix
- Ecommerce confirmation firstname lastname later issue
- Support for upcoming add-on
- Invoice delivery address email & phone display
- Manual payment for outside messenger subscriber id issue
- Africa talking gateway error while sms sending
- Full page response edit issue
- Row size too large database error while updating
- Unknown column store_id error

V5.1.1 - V5.1.8 (Auto update only)


- Ecommerce : Brand new mobile app like UI
- Ecommerce : Now can be used outside messenger using native login system
- Ecommerce : Contactless QR menu
- Ecommerce : Receipt printing using thermal printer
- Ecommerce : Store pickup & pickup points setup
- Ecommerce : Checkout address input preference settings
- Ecommerce : Checkout page quantity increase/decrease option
- Ecommerce : Checkout page note writing option
- Ecommerce : Multiple delivery address save option
- Ecommerce : Multiple attribute selection feature
- Ecommerce : Attribute can be made optional now
- Ecommerce : Store-wise payment option settings

V5.0.1 - V5.0.17 (Auto update only)

- Youtube & Pinterest deprecation missing files fix
- Email view template not found
- Email template update route not found
- Ecommerce edit issue
- Ecommerce status change message encoding issue
- Instagram reply top and recent media display issue
- Undefined variable on dashboard issue
- Support for upcoming add-on E-commerce Product Price Variation
- Undefined index caption in Instagram Hashtag Search
- Ecommerce attribute value input space key issue
- Ecommerce attribute edit input space key issue
- Google library PHP 7.4 support
- Custom SMS api post method support
- Email view template not found
- Email template update route not found
- Drag & Drop email template builder :title, info etc issue
- Single quote issue in drag & drop email template
- Custom SMS api post method not working
- Custom SMS api post method missing SQL
- Social posting cron job API key required error fix
- SMS api most method large input issue
- Undefined variable error during login with Facebook if group posting is enable fix.
- count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable issue fix in video/carousel posting.
- Private reply template is not selected during edit campaign in Comment automation section.
- Instagram reply post's reaction and comment showing the same result issue fix.
- Drag & Drop email template builder Adds email-subject field

V5.0 - 23rd Sep 2020 (DETAILED LOG)

- CSV bulk post planner [https://xeroneit.net/blog/how-to-post-on-social-media-from-csv-file-with-xerochat-bulk-post-planner]
- Drag & Drop Email Builder for Email Marketing Feature [https://xeroneit.net/blog/how-to-create-beautiful-email-templates-in-xerochat]
- Instagram Comment Auto Reply [https://xeroneit.net/home/blog/instagram-auto-comment-reply-with-xerochat]
- Drag & Drop Bot setting soring for replies, button, quick replies, carousel [ https://youtu.be/0D-7uu6qVUA ]
- Ecommerce : Razorpay, Paystack & Mollie payment method added[https://xeroneit.net/blog/how-to-setup-ecommerce-payment-settings-in-xerochat]
- Ecommerce : Abandoned cart recovery system (messenger,sms and email) [https://xeroneit.net/blog/how-to-recover-lost-sale-with-xerochat-abandoned-cart-reminder]
- Ecommerce : Store-wise order status update notification (messenger,sms and email)
- Ecommerce : Store-wise language selection
- Ecommerce : Facebook pixel and Google analytics code support
- Ecommerce : Country and phonecode auto selected in checkout page
- Auto post add-on : YouTube video post bug
- Auto post add-on : Fixes decoding special characters
- Company information now displayed in landing page footer
- Medium posting feature has been added. [https://xeroneit.net/blog/how-to-create-medium-app-and-integrate-with-xerochat]
- Deprecated : place search and multi-level persistent menu
- YouTube & Pinterest posting has been removed. 
- Domain whitelisting fix
- Chat with bot button reply fix
- Add postback button in 3rd level iframe fix
- Google SDK error fix for PHP 7.4
- Stripe payment billing address added (extended license)
- Package subscription conformation email variables do not replace issue (extended license)
- All possible currency displayed in payment settings (extended license)
- Razorpay, Paystack & Mollie payment method added in package purchase for service selling of Xerochat (extended license)
- Many more fixes

V4.2.1 - V4.2.9 (Auto update only)

- Support for "Email SMS sequence add-on" new features
- Wordpress self-hosted : fixes for undefined variable & actions button width
- Undefined index dashboad issue
- Few missing translations
- South Africa added as country
- Email API Settings Blocks' dropdown issue
- Postback delete issue after importing bot from another page
- LinkedIn Account Import Error Message Display
- Chat Plugin Compatiable for Guest Mode
- Social post text post pending/completed count issuess
- Child Postback entry issue fix.
- Post link in auto-reply section not working for new Facebook interface issue fix.
- Error in auto-reply edit section issue fix.
- Custom form data error fix.
- Error fix in auto-reply campaign edit.
- Fix Messenger BOT for Guest Mode.
- Postback delete issue after exporting bot settings.

V4.2 - 7th June 2020

- Mautic Integration
- Acelle Integration
- Support for upcoming add-on
- Support desk last reply display issue (extended license only)
- Messenger drip campaign optimization 
- Update error catch
- Support for upcoming add-ons
- Datatable language support and translated few missing lines
- Explode error is SMS email contact


- Auto update only

V4.1 - 9th May 2020

- Compatible with Facebook APP Version 7.0 (READ MORE)
- File upload actual error message display
- Update system optimization


- Auto update only

V4.0.6 - 5th May 2020

- Activities calendar issue fix
- Missing OTN module table entry
- Memory limit allocation increase
- Custom menu user level access issue
- Ecommerce store add page broken at very first time
- Undefined varibale error in edit auto reply
- Ecommerce store email confirmation content editor issue
- Menu manager menu blank issue
- Error in import account
- Other minor issues

V4.0.2 - 4.0.5

- Auto update only

V4.0.1 - 30th April 2020

- Error fix if no label selected during OTN postback template createion.
- Get OTN post-back ids on page change in clone post-back section.
- Visual editor link/image unable to click issue
- Menu manager restore default menu option

V4.0 - 29th April 2020

- New : One time notification request button in bot settings
- New : One time notification broadcasting 
- New : Native blog system (admin user & extended license only)
- New : Custom menu manager
- Others Improvement : Code optimization
- Others Improvement : Database optimization
- Others Improvement : CSRF token applied
- Others Improvement : Create label option at comment automation
- Others Improvement : Create label option at postback template creation
- Others Improvement : Signup email activation disable option
- Others Improvement : During migrating conversation leads as BOT subscribers,import existing labels
- Others Improvement : Display ecommerce purchase information in subscriber manager
- Others Improvement : Remove button for carousel template
- Others Improvement : External link of image option provide in Bot settings image upload
- Others Improvement : Webview form submission email alert to form owner
- Others Improvement : Subscriber search with new parameters
- Others Improvement : Wordpress self hosted post category added
- Fix : WordPress self-hosted account import section shows without module access.
- Fix : Error handle if main post-back and new child post-back are same.
- Fix : Facebook re-post Random Interval Fix if any Interval not selected.
- Fix : Datatable action button issue in mobile
- Ecommerce : New : Simple stock system
- Ecommerce : New : Terms of service and refund policy page using visual editor
- Ecommerce : New : Multiple product feature image upload option 
- Ecommerce : New : Product cloning option
- Ecommerce : New : Order data including buyer contact CSV download
- Ecommerce : Improvement : Buy now button at single page
- Ecommerce : Improvement : Visual editor support for product details and purchase note
- Ecommerce : Improvement : Purchase notification email to store admin
- Ecommerce : Improvement : Order status update note input and email notification to buyer
- Ecommerce : Improvement : Currency symbol to the right option
- Ecommerce : Improvement : Price decimal places choice option
- Ecommerce : Improvement : Price formatting using commas option
- Ecommerce : Fix : Missing translations including the payment buttons
- Ecommerce : Fix : Float price does not work issue
- Ecommerce : Fix : Add product button hidden on mobile issue
- Ecommerce : Fix : Product image display ratio fix
- Ecommerce : Fix : Store logo should be 200x50 or 120x120 now to have best view (re-upload if your logo is not looking good)

V3.1 - 2nd March 2020

- New: RSS posting : feed add , error display in empty feed
- New: RSS posting : set description 
- New: Postback manager : ID sorting
- New: Postback manager : duplicate/cloning
- New: Bot settings start/stop option
- New: Custom sms api
- New: Sendinblue integration
- New: Activecampaign Integration
- New: Test SMS Sending Option
- New: Test Email Sending Option with Sendgrid, mandrill, mailgun 
- Fix: Action on conversation broadcast deprecation on 30th June 2020
- Fix: Comboposter multi campaign "Not Completed" problem solved
- Fix: WebView support in Comment private reply
- Fix: Ecommerce- Product list currency display issue fixed 
- Fix: Ecommerce- Sell price does not work
- Fix: Ecommerce- All available currency & currency icon added
- Fix: Ecommerce- Attribute unicode issue
- Fix: Ecommerce- Warning in store dashboard if no payment account found issue
- Fix: Ecommerce- Apply coupon for specific products generates error message
- Fix: Ecommerce- Product description format break issue in single page
- Fix: Ecommerce- Social poster RSS feed error
- Fix: Ecommerce- Ecommerce category and attribute list shows for all stores issue

V3.0 - 26th January 2020

- New : Complete built-in ecommerce platform inside Messenger (https://xeroneit.net/blog/how-to-create-ecommerce-store-in-facebook-messenger-with-xerochat)
- Fix : Email auto responder integration for webview email submit
- Fix : SMS auto responder for webview phone number submit
- Fix : Bot settings page keep loading issue fix
- Fix : Email sending issue fix
- Fix : SMTP test email issue fix
- Fix : City added in user location webview form

V2.2.4 + 2.2.5 + 2.2.6

 - Auto update only

V2.2.3 -15th January 2020

New- Multiple reply now supports up to 6 replies (bot settings)
New- Email, Phone, Location button as webview
New- Adds rich text editor in notification sending and manual payment instruction section
New- Broadcasting hold after number of errors found settings
New- Test Mail Sending Options for General SMTP and also for Email Broadcasting SMTP
Fix- Birthday webview small page issue fix
Fix- Edit postback page user menu break issue
Fix- Spintax fix in test message send of Conversation Broadcast
Fix- Wordpress self hosted is not accessable from user account.
Fix- SMS Sending with page subscribers issue
Fix- Some language issue
Fix- HTML Tag not allowed in some input field restriction

V2.2.2 - [Auto Update]

V2.2.1 - 21st Dec 2019

- New: Video post on twitter added
- New: Posting to WordPress self-hosted blog added
- New: Reposting feature added for scheduled post in social poster section
- New: Click rate report added to Email manager
- New: Bulk contact delete in external contact list
- Improve: Open rate result modified in Email manager section
- Improve: Manual payment system improvement (Only for extended license)
- Fix: Package info display issue in member profile
- Fix: LinkedIn & Reddit posting bug fix
- Fix: Scheduling post in Comboposter  bug fix
- Fix: Edit postback template issue fix
- Fix: Bot export-import issue fix. (Previously exported bot will not work properly, we recommend to delete previously exported bot from Messenger bot->Saved template section and then export your bot again)

V2.1 - 25th Nov 2019

        - Manual payment system support (extended license only)
        - Page analytics graph display issue
        - Conversation broadcast restart if on-hold issue
        - Multiple Pinterest account import issue
        - Other minor fixes

V2.0.1 [Auto Update]

V2.0 - 17th November 2019

You will find change log in details here : https://xeroneit.net/forum/thread/xerochat-version-20
- New : Social Poster : 8 social media posting (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Reddit, Pinterest, Blogger, WordPress)
- New : Email marketing tools (SMTP, Mandrill, Mailgun, Sendgrid)
- New : Email integration with messenger bot quick reply
- New : Facebook page analytics
- Improvement : Broadcasting & auto-reply optimization 
- Improvement : Bot connection will be disabled for expired users automatically
- Support : Support for upcoming woocommerce addon
- Other : Other minor fixes

V1.2.8 - 5th November 2019

- Ice breaker feature add
- Some optimization in WebView
- Contact import from CSV file Error fix

V1.2.7 - 31st October 2019

- Support for ChatPion front-end themedevelopment. This will change front theme files, if you have made any changes in core frone-end files. Read more here :  https://xeroneit.net/blog/xerochat-front-end-theme-development-manual
- Conversation campaign edit label select issue.
- Subscriber action modal subscriber name display issue.
- Show page name after editing old auto reply template.
- Importing contacts from csv file issue.
- Emoji/special character support in SMS broadcasting text message.
- Multiple private reply template select section issue in full page response edit.
- Account delete issue fix.
- Auto reply template not work for scheduled facebook post issue fix.
- Error fix in creating facebook poster campaign with autoreply template selection.
- Now all the reply template will be shown during automation campaign creation.

V1.2.5 + 1.2.6

 - Auto update only

V1.2.4 - 20th October 2019

 - Search tool error

V1.2.3 - 19th October 2019

        - Search tool features added (social comparison and place search)
        - Same get started welcome message display for all pages issue
        - Structured message support for auto private reply
        - Routesms gateway support added
        - Other minor fixes

V1.2.1 & V1.2.2

        - Auto update only

V1.2 - 8th October 2019

        - SMS marketing tools (Twilio, Plivo, Clickatell, Nexmo, AfricasTalking,  msg91.co, semysms.net etc)
        SMS tools manual : https://xeroneit.net/blog/xerochat-sms-integration
        - Mailchimp tag added
        - Account switch default page select issue
        - Open base dir required issue
        - Other minor fixes

V1.1.3 - 3rd October 2019

        - Email auto responder : MailChimp added
        - Bot subscriber add label does not work on mozilla firefox issue
        - Support desk visible even it is turned off from settings issue
        - Typo issues
        - Several other minor fixes

V1.1.2 - 30th September 2019

        - Error fix in import data for Messenger Bot.

V1.1.1 - 28th September 2019

        - System dashboard ajax call data load issue fix [extended license feature].
        - 'Page is already enabled by other admin' error message is modified with user email and FB account name.
        - In dashboard male vs female color ambiguity fix. 

V1.1 - 24th September 2019

        - Export bot settings as JSON
        - Save exported bot data as template
        - Admin can save exported bot data as template for users
        - Import exported JSON data for any page
        - Visual & interactive tree view of full bot

V1.0.8 - 23th September 2019 (logout needed after update and this update will replace all system default language except your newly created languages )

        - Support for upcoming add-on
        - Add more button remove in bot settings template issue
        - Persistent menu add postback modal height issue
        - Male vs female color in dashboard issue
        - Language editor large form save input size issue
        - Several responsive & scroll issue
        - System email from param issue
        - Many other minor fixes

V1.0.7 - 18th September 2019

        - Upcoming add-on support
        - Missing language translation
        - Delete own account + user management delete account
        - Stripe payment JPY currency issue
        - User menu changes
        - Update system responsive issue
        - Payment button does not show on social login issue
        - Remove button added on Comment Reply add-on, multi-media reply
        - English language edit issue
        - Other minor fixes

V1.0.6 - Auto Update Only

V1.0.5 - 10th September 2019

        - Landing page responsive issue
        - Missing language translation
        - Support for new add-on

V1.0.4 - 8th September 2019

        - Comment Auto Reply Reporting Changed. (Be noted that, after update, old  auto reply report's details information will be deleted. Not the campaign but reply data will be deleted )
        - Comment reply enhancers add-on support.
        - Auto comment and auto reply template can not be created without importing account.
        - Typo issue

V1.0.3 - 5th September 2019

        - Webhook call timeout increase 

V1.0.2 - 4th September 2019

- General settings submit undefined variable/function issue
        - Forgot password not working
        - Front end settings black theme does not work
        - Announcement not showing for user
        - Go to inbox link & subscriber source in dashboard
        - Allow users to use their own app issue
        - Admin does not receive email on new ticket open

V1.0.1 - 29th August 2019

- General settings submit undefined variable/function issue
        - Front-end settings submit undefined variable issue
        - Support desk multiple reply submit issue (extended only)
        - Payment button not appearing issue for members

V1.0 - 28th August 2019

        - Initial Release

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  • team, in manychat they adapted the carousel and show it as a button in the Instagram bot, the chatpion carousel module also does the same thing, only that the configuration is very tedious so that it is completed as a button, it will be possible that they adapt their module carousel to behave like a native button.

  • In Repost Manager

    There are templates

    Unsubscribe form

    Resubscribe form

    We need to remove or turn this off after the last update. I cannot remove or delete the template. Please solve the problem of all my customers who are not satisfied with this and it appears on their pages. I completely deleted the bot from the page and reactivated it, the same problem

  • Hello, I have a problem with Bot flow builder

    I have 3 templates ready and I need to install 3 templates on my page

    Without deleting the main update v8.0.6

    I could have installed 3 ready-made templates without deleting all bot settings

    will send you a video explaining this


  • do you have plans to implement a Telegram chatbot?

    You wrote about this back in 2020

  • Why I check update from 4.1.1 ver i can't see new update (4.2) in dashboard?
    But I can update automatic 4.1 to 4.1.1 before?

    • manhten

      3 years ago

      Oh. I fix it. I need reset key when i change VPS.

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