XeroChat v4.1 and Facebook app v7.0 Compability

Profile Picture alaminjwel  8th May 2020 XeroChat


We are releasing XeroChat v4.1 to make it compatible with Facebook latest app version. After updating to XeroChat v4.1, you must upgrade your Facebook app version to v7.0. Please watch the video below to know how to upgrade Facebook app version.

If you get this error "(#200)To subscribe to the feed field , one of these permissions is needed : Pages_manage_metadata" during enabling bot connection, then PLEASE READ THIS FORUM

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  • BuxRecord

    8 months ago

    Great and xcellent job , plus guide. Hppy to be part of your community. Things are realy easy with all your items.


    • xeroneitbd Admin

      8 months ago

      Thank You.

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