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ChatPion 5.0 has come up with some brand-new features and options.

ChatPion has already proved itself as the world’s best marketing application. It is a multi-user and SaaS application. That is, many users can use the application at once and you can sell its service to your end-users and can take payment via online payment methods from them.

ChatPion has gone through many ups and downs to reach its present position. Xerone IT team always works hard to improve the quality of the application and make. To make the ChatPion user-friendly, the team takes user’s experience into their account. They always think about what the users’ need as the motto of the xeroneIT is “We think of your needs.” Furthermore, The team always tries to add new and striking features to ChatPion so that the users can get all the benefits of the latest technology.

We are working on more updates & add-ons. We will release some add-ons in coming weeks.  Also we have created a poll to vote for your favorite features here

Recently, ChatPion has released ChatPion version 5.0. Some brand-new features and options have come up with the updated version of ChatPion.

In this blog, I will discuss the new features and options that have come up with the updated version.

Drag and drop email builder for Email marketing:

ChatPion version 5.0 has come up with a fantastic feature called Drag and Drop Email Template builder. With the feature, you can easily create beautiful email templates in a short while by dragging and dropping elements. To create email templates, rich editor still existed. So now you have two options— rich editor and drag and email builder— to create beautiful email templates.
Read details here

Abandoned cart recovery reminder:

With ChatPion version 5.0, E-commerce in messenger has introduced a most required option called abandoned cart recovery reminder. So, henceforth Xerochat’s ‘E-commerce in messenger” can send abandoned cart recovery reminders to the clients that have already clicked the ‘Add to cart’ option but didn’t purchase the products yet— didn’t finish the checkout. ChatPion’s ‘E-commerce in messenger’ can send abandoned cart recovery reminders via messenger, email and SMS.

Many people enter virtual shops via E-commerce in messenger, choose some products to buy, add the products to cart. Then some people exit the virtual shop because of some reasons. And they forget to come back to the shop even though they really want to buy the products. The most efficient way to bring them back is sending them abandoned car recovery reminders. When potential customers come back to the virtual shop, the sales increase and business grow.
Read details here

E-Commerce Store Order Status Changing Message Template Set:

With the Xerochat 5.0, you can easily send Facebook Message, email or SMS from your predefined template while changing order status in E-commerce in messenger.

Instagram comment auto reply:

ChatPion 5.0 has introduced a new feature called Instagram comment automation. This fantastic feature automatically can reply to comments and comment under posts on Instagram accounts. From the feature interface, you can check the analytics of a specific post with a single click.
Read details here

Bulk Post Planner from CSV File :

ChatPion has a striking feature called ‘Social poster’. The feature can automatically post on different social media including Facebook immediately or in schedule at intervals. To make the feature able to post on social media, you have to create campaigns. Before you had to create a campaign at a time. This task takes a lot of time. ChatPion 5.0 has introduced a solution to the problem. Now it provides an option called ‘Bulk post planner’. With the option, you can create thousands of campaigns on the feature’s interface by uploading a single CSV file. You just have to provide campaign information— campaign name, campaign type, content of the post and sources of the link and image— in the CSV file. With the bulk post planner, you can create campaigns for text, image and link posts.
Read details here

Medium Social Network Integration:

Medium social network in posting has been added to ChatPion 5.0.
Read details here

Three more Payment Gateway Integration in E-Commerce in messenger:

Before two online payment methods— Stripe and PayPal— was integrated with ChatPion’s E-commerce in messenger to take payment from clients. In ChatPion 5.0, three more online and offline payment methods— RazorPay, Paystack, and Mollie— have been integrated. Therefore, E-commerce in messenger of ChatPion 5.0 can take payments via five online and offline payment methods.
Read details error

Also Razorpay, Paystack & Mollie has been integrated with package payment system for selling service of ChatPion [ Extended License only ]

Re-arrange Bot replies by dragging and dropping:

Before, if you needed to edit the order of the bot setting, you had to delete the whole setting and start making the setting anew. It would waste a lot of time. ChatPion 5.0 has developed a solution to the problem. Now by dragging and dropping, you can easily rearrange the bot setting— reorder replies, post-back buttons, quick-reply buttons and carousel template.
Watch details here

And some more changes :

- Ecommerce : Store-wise order status update notification (messenger,sms and email)
- Ecommerce : Store-wise language selection
- Ecommerce : Facebook pixel and Google analytics code support
- Ecommerce : Country and phonecode auto selected in checkout page
- Company information now displayed in landing page footer
- Stripe payment billing address added (extended license)
- Package subscription conformation email variables do not replace issue (extended license)
- All possible currency displayed in payment settings (extended license)
- Razorpay, Paystack & Mollie payment method added in package purchase for service selling of Xerochat [extended license]
- Chat with bot button reply fix
- Add postback button in 3rd level iframe fix
- Google SDK error fix for PHP 7.4

Deprecated :

-YouTube & Pinterest posting has been removed.
-Place search and multi-level persistent menu has been removed.

ChatPion 5.0 has already been released. With the above described features and options, ChatPion has become more powerful, effective and easy to use.

Enjoy the features.

Thanks for staying with us.

All the best,

Xerone IT Team.

6 Answers

  • katetan

    3 years ago

    Thank you team! awesome job. 

    Suggestion from us:

    The flow builder is strongly recommended. Many users use post back to link with each other. But now it is hard to manage many complicated post back and the current tree view builder cannot support entire post back building. We suggest to enhance the core functionality which everybody will use in the first place in bot building.  

    Thanks for the good job!! Have a good day  =)

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      3 years ago

      Thanks for your suggestion. As we are improving each day & working hard to make XeroChat to next level, we will think about that definitely in future.

  • luvsinha2014

    3 years ago

    Why did you remove Pinterest posting, and how can I have it in the new version. if you can suggest ways to implement it.

    I am more fan of Pinterest

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      3 years ago

      It's becoming very hard to get Pinterest APP approval, So we have to remove it. Thanks

  • coinpay

    3 years ago

    How about facebook app approval? My app still pending

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      3 years ago

      Approval doesn't take more than 2 days normally. It should be reviewed with in few days , sometime in few hours also.

  • 2zero

    3 years ago

    Are Custom Fields in the Pipeline ?

    Hoped for that Feature in Xero 5.0 :/

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      3 years ago

      User input & custom fields add-on is in development already. It will take some time to come but work is already started.

    • JFOC

      3 years ago

      user-input & custom field that you develop is based on manychat or mobilemonkey or other chatbot workflow?

  • Scorpion2012

    3 years ago

    For Persistent Menu I don't see the possibility to add more than 3 menu links. COuld you please fix it? For Instagram how to activate and use the auto-comment? Thanks

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      3 years ago

      Yes, It's expected. Multilevel persistent menu has been removed by Facebook. 

      For instagram read details here :

    • Scorpion2012

      3 years ago

      For the persistent menu has been removed only the "Nasted" function but there is still the possibility to add more than 3 link in the menu. Could you please create an "add more"? Thanks

  • JFOC

    3 years ago

    For the eCommerce, any workaround we can implement the shipping cost calculation? as we know every country have their unique shipping company with different calculation method with another country

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      3 years ago

      Currently not. Share your idea in details in our feature request tab in this website . We will review it later .


    • JFOC

      3 years ago

      Thank you. Will submit it

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