A Telegram Bot Builder Service is Coming Soon

Profile Picture alaminjwel  9th Apr 2022

Dear valued customers, 

We are happy to inform you that BotSailor, a visual drag, and drop Telegram Bot Building platform, is going to be released soon. 

With the BotSailor, you will be able to build Telegram Bot very easily by just dragging and dropping. 

The Telegram bot built with BotSailor can reply to queries from customers with multimedia— Text, Image, Audio, Video, and File. 


With the conditional component of the BotSailor bot Building platform, you can easily build condition-based intelligent Telegram. The intelligent bot can make decisions based on the users’ data. It doesn’t disturb people by sending the same message to everyone. Instead, it sends the right messages to the right people. 



With the User Input Flow component of the BotSailor, you can easily build user input flow messages that can collect data from the users very easily. It collects data from the user in a conversational way. Therefore, people don’t feel disturbed when providing data. The user provides the data, writing it down with their own hands. Therefore, the data is authentic and real-time. And if the user doesn’t want to provide data, they can skip the question by clicking on the skip button. And the user input flow message is smart enough to use previous data in the next question. Therefore, people feel happy to interact with user input flow messages. No need to mention that user input flow messages can provide multiple-choice questions. 

user input flow

With the new sequence component, you can create sequence messages in the Telegram bot. You can set 24 hours promotional and daily non-promotional messages without any restriction, unlike Facebook messenger sequence messages. 



Also, you can set a different kind of action in the Telegram bot. Of course, on the BotSailor’s Drag and drop visual editor, you can set broadcasting messages. BotSailor broadcasting can send messages to a group of people at a specific time in a specific time zone. It can send a specific message immediately or at any given scheduled time without any restriction. 


Besides, BotSailor has an eCommerce platform. And on the eCommerce platform, you can easily build your eCommerce store. And after creating the eCommerce store, you can easily integrate the store into your Telegram bot. After integrating the eCommerce store with the Telegram bot, it can sell products to your customers and receive payment from them inside the Telegram messenger. And to receive payment, BotSailor has multiple payment methods including PayPal and Stripe. 

Like ChatPion, we have made the BotSilor with love and passion. And we hope that you love BotSailor, a visual drag and drop Telegram Bot Building platform. 

Subscribe to our Telegram Bot. We will notify you once the application is released. 


We will provide the service of the BotSilor completely free for at least 6 months. 

NB Unlike ChatPion, we will not sell the script of the application but only the service. But in the future, we will consider selling the agency license and white label domain pointing of the BotSailor to our customers.

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