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Profile Picture xeroneitbd  24th Sep 2019 XeroChat

Great News Guys,
We know , how eagerly you are waiting for Messenger BOT Connectivity add-on. This is THE most exciting add-on we have ever produced because of Webview Builder. We believe the Webview Builder will be so beneficial for every BOT builder & reach XeroChat to next level. Beside Webview Builder Tree View is now more advanced & interactive that will help to build your bot very easily than before.

With Messenger Webview Builder you can create any type of Form by Drag & Drop system. Collect input data after submitting by users. This data will be stored in to XeroChat system & also you will be able to setup your Webhook Url to pass it your end.
This Webview Builder Can be helpful for reservation system, get order , collect any kind of data & many more.

And Messenger BOT Tree View just not only for visual bot display but interactive. You can edit reply, create postback , postback reply & build your flow from here so easily.

We have announced about this add-on before & fixed the price $99 .But we have changed our plan. We care our customer as much , that I believe , very few or no other in this market care & support at this level.

Anyway I am glad to inform that we have changed our plan.

We are going to provide Bot export/import & tree view inside XeroChat as Free Update.

And Webview Builder & JSON API as Bot Connectivity add-on as totally FREE.

Update of XeroChat adding  BOT Export/Import is going to be released Today Hopefully.
BOT Connectivity FREE add-on of XeroChat may be released tomorrow. 

UPDATE : BOT Connectivity FREE add-on of XeroChat has been released : CLICK HERE


Cheers & Enjoy :)

Xerone IT Team

9 Answers

  • rcmsoluciones

    7 months ago

    the link is broken so you can download 

  • JFOC

    8 months ago


    In the Webview Builder, there is button, date field, time field.

    1. Button

    What kind of button type ? Submit type or other buttons? and what will happen when clicking the button ? button clicked is recorded?

    2. Date field and time field

    Can we set the default date and time ? can we set a minimum and maximum dates to be chosen?

  • moneylove1101

    9 months ago

    i don't see Webview Builder.

    please thanks

  • ZanDaph

    9 months ago

    Awesome !!! Thank you for your great service and generosity guys !!!

  • nidge45

    9 months ago

    Awesome news guys! Thanks! Great script and even better support :)

  • daniavorszky

    9 months ago

    how can one claim the free add-on? i have bought xerochat

    • alaminjwel Admin

      9 months ago

      It will be released tomorrow :)

  • daniavorszky

    9 months ago

    Amazing news! Thank you !!!

    • alaminjwel Admin

      9 months ago

      Cheers !

  • ahmadomar

    9 months ago

    Thanks to xeroneit team for your kindness we really appreciate your efforts, I will recommend anyone to buy your scripts.

    • alaminjwel Admin

      9 months ago

      Thank you :)

  • vuekai

    9 months ago

    Dear Xeroneit Team,

    Thanks again for your greatful supply to all of your customers' need and I surely believe they must support you forever as you never end this service too. Hope to see more new updates regularly.


    • alaminjwel Admin

      9 months ago

      Thank you :)

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