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[Here are the list of bugs I found, many are just minor bug but it is nice to be fixed. I have submitted it to the support desk previously, still waiting for an update. Thanks]:

- Comment growth tool: exact keyword vs any match in full page campaign does not work

- The "activity" of profile and "analysis" of page show zero data, even though the account has auto reply records and existing setting. If there are no such data, can please remove the button link with empty data?

(read_insight permission is approved for advance access)

-When creating OTN from flow builder, every time we edit something to the same flow, OTN post-back manager does not update the post-back by replacing the new change. Instead, OTN post back manager duplicated the same postback record again and again and cause OTN postback manager messy and full of duplicated postback. If I click save on flow builder, OTN postback manager will add one duplicated postback again.

-Unsubscribe Button does not work. When clicking on the unsubscribe button and then I suppose to unsubscribe the flow and not receive any sequence msg. But I still receive a second sequence message.

- Export Import Bot : when import bot, all default setting also imported to bot manager. If delete the default setting from bot manager, then the action button will not work anymore.

- Social Posting > Carousel/Video Post > video slide show does not work. After you post, and click on the action > link, it redirect you to other random video.

- Multimedia post > date range button show code

- Social Posting > If you select filtering"All Group", also include all pages data

- Social Posting > Add CTA Post > Like Page Button does not work as "like a page". It is linking to URL instead.

[Improvement worth to pay attendtion]:

- If one account does not have e-commerce add on, is possible to hide the ecommerce menu from bot builder?

- Action button like Get Started, No Match etc are available in Action Button Settings Tab, but also available in flow builder. It creates confusion. Can we only show them in action button template instead of inside flow builder too if we can only set from action button setting tab?

- Adding default avatar pic by system for every image of page or subscribers if they are invalid. otherwise it look broken.

- RCN button is unable to click second time from one subsriber because of Facebook rule. Better to set a back up postback reply if user click on RCN get msg button second times and hit error. So instead of nothing send out, we can send other reply msg.

- Sending sequence based on "label" (only send sequence msg filtering subscriber with a label or without label)

- No match keyword reply in messenger only trigger/send once in every 24 hours timeframe.

- Auto stop all bot if one user account is inactive (for extended license)

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  • miraz Team

    1 year ago

    We already note this. will be fixed all step by step. Thanks for keeping patience.

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