Profile Picture draganartefakt  14th Feb 2023

I can’t reset the purchase code on the site. I do a reset on your site (xeroneit.net) but I get a response when I enter the code: Error : Invalid Code. I am asking for an urgent solution



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SiteDoctor - Website Health Checker

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2017-11-29 11:40:13 UTC

4 Answers

  • draganartefakt

    1 year ago

    I also tried a fresh install on the same domain, but to no avail. After entering the database and admin data, the script does not send the page for the license key, but redirects to the login page. The error is repeated: These credentials do not match our records.

  • draganartefakt

    1 year ago

    now I see that you have the same problem in your demo version

  • draganartefakt

    1 year ago

    I can't log in suddenly. I tried to do forgot-password and I get an error. Suddenly an error appeared and the front page does not display the image of the site that was tested. I haven't had any changes or work either in cpanel or on the site after the installation a few days ago. I am asking everyone for help

  • miraz Team

    1 year ago

    Your problem is already fixed.

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