Campaign Broadcaster not workgin

Profile Picture kijanmaharjan  14th Sep 2019 XeroChat

Hi, I tried to send two test campaign but seems like its not working. I added all cronjobs too. Am I missing something here? 

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  • xeroneitbd Admin

    8 months ago

    Then it must work if cron job run. If cron job run correctly it must go to processing state. I would suggest to talk to your hosting provider about cron job is actually running or not. After that if not solve , open support ticket in our support desk providing all details & also what your hosting provider tell.


  • kijanmaharjan

    8 months ago

    Hi, As you can see I've attached my cronjobs image here it's all same as you've provided in the documentation. I've copied and pasted directly ignoring white spaces. 

    I went through and double checked the white spacings. There are no white spaces included.

  • xeroneitbd Admin

    8 months ago

    As it's in pending state, that must issue of your cron job settings. Double check your cron job settings please, also check if you leave any white space in your cron job command . If cron job run, campaign must go processing state.

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