ChatPion Update 9.0 : Improving User Reliability & Chatbot Experience

Profile Picture ranzu84  6th Jan 2024 ChatPion

Exciting news for Captioners! We've made a substantial update to ChatPion. ChatPion is now more robust and powerful than it has ever been. Your feedback has been invaluable, and we've delivered on our promise by diligently working to bring this extensive update to our users.

The popularity of chatbots in digital marketing is steadily increasing. An AI chatbot efficiently handles complex tasks around the clock by addressing customer queries. In response to this shift, we've introduced an update. This update incorporates new additions and enhances several features for a more seamless and improved experience.

Let's dive into discovering the new features and updates that have been implemented to enhance your Chatbot experience with ChatPion, providing you with added convenience.

Live Chat:

ChatPion's Live Chat for Messenger and Instagram Direct has been redesigned, and new features have been added to enhance its power. Let's see what they are:

In addition to the Send Flow options, canned responses, file attachment, and audio recording have been added.

Canned Response: 

Canned responses, also known as pre-written responses or saved replies, are predefined messages that are created and stored in advance to be used for frequently asked questions or common queries. They are typically used in customer support, messaging platforms, email communication, or chatbots. Now, we can create canned responses and use them in ChatPion's live chat whenever they are needed.

Attach File: 

Now, files such as documents, PDFs, images, and videos can be sent directly from the live chat.

Record Voice: 

 Additionally, we have added an option to instantly record and send voice messages on the Live Chat.

Not only for send replies, there have been many more new features that have been added to the Live Chat. They are:


Another fantastic feature added is sound and browser notifications for any messages received on the live chat. This ensures there is no chance to miss a message while using the live chat.

System messages: 

In the live chat window, system messages such as Sequence, label, and team assignment are displayed. When a subscriber is assigned to any sequence, label, or Live Chat agent, a system message is added to the chat window, and there will also be a notification for this system message.

Additionally, we've introduced a feature that allows message status changes to "read," "unread," "archive," and "unarchive." Returning to the dashboard from the live chat is now just a click away. The seamless reloading of the message window enhances the live chat experience to a new level.

Flow Builder Improvements:

Add Keywords on “Start Bot Flow”:

The "Keyword Trigger" component has been replaced with a keyword field added to the "Start Bot Flow." There's no longer a necessity to incorporate a "Keyword Trigger" in the bot flow. Adding keywords to the bot flow is now much easier.

Assign sequence on the Start Bot Flow:

Previously, assigning a sequence was only achievable by a user clicking on a button. However, now there is an option to include a sequence within the "Start Bot Flow" components. In addition to assigning, there's also the capability to remove a sequence directly from the bot flow. Therefore, the action of assigning or unassigning a sequence to a subscriber can now be performed within the bot flow.

Use Condition Anywhere:

In this latest version, conditions can be applied anywhere within the bot flow. Additionally, conditions can now be utilized within the sequence campaign as well.

Carousel and Button in Instagram bot:

The Carousel component has been newly introduced for the Instagram Chatbot. Furthermore, options to incorporate buttons with the text component are now available. Previously, buttons could only be used with a Card element.

The latest version has removed the postback terms to simplify the bot building experience. However, existing "Bot flows" can still be integrated using buttons and quick replies.

Duplicate/Copy Bot Reply:

Occasionally, there's a need to replicate the same bot flow for testing or create slightly different bots with varied keywords. There's no longer a necessity to recreate the same bot repeatedly. Now, there's an option to duplicate bots and transfer a bot to any other Facebook page, all achieved with just a simple mouse click.

Export/Import single Bot Flow:

Similarly, a bot flow can be exported and securely stored for later use, allowing the bot to be imported onto any page. Previously, exporting bots was only feasible for entire page bots. However, now a single bot flow can be exported and subsequently reimported onto a Facebook page.

Separate menu for Messenger & Instagram:

In the latest version, the introduction of separate menus for Messenger and Instagram brings multiple benefits. This update eliminates the need to constantly toggle between Messenger and Instagram, offering a more streamlined and efficient workflow. Users can now navigate and manage Messenger and Instagram functionalities separately, enhancing ease of use and improving overall user experience.

Social Media posting simplified:

In the latest update, the platform has undergone a change in its posting features, limiting the options exclusively to Facebook and Instagram. This update involves the removal of posting features for other social media platforms, aiming to streamline the user experience and simplify the posting process.

By focusing solely on Facebook and Instagram posting capabilities, the platform aims to enhance user efficiency and concentrate on the two most widely used social media networks. This change allows users to direct their attention to these platforms, optimizing the available resources for improved functionality, ease of use, and better management of content specifically for Facebook and Instagram audiences.

Team Member Add-on:

The new "Team Member Add-On" introduces team roles and member assignments. Users can create roles for different responsibilities and then assign team members accordingly. This feature streamlines teamwork, clarifies responsibilities, and enhances security by limiting access based on roles.

Search Tool and Scan Inbox Removed:

In this update, we've eliminated the "Search tool" and "Scan inbox (Old subscriber synchronization)" options. “Scan inbox” is no longer deemed essential as scanning old subscribers doesn't contribute significantly. We've chosen to remove these options to simplify ChatPion, aiming for enhanced performance and simplified functionality.

This ChatPion update represents a leap forward in chatbot capabilities, emphasizing user-driven enhancements. The updated features in live chat, improved bot-building tools, and refined Instagram bot functionality ensure a more efficient and simplified user experience. 

While bidding farewell to the Search Tool and Scan Inbox options, our focus remains on simplifying ChatPion for optimized performance.

With these upgrades, ChatPion aims to simplify bot creation, boost engagement across Messenger and Instagram, and empower users in their digital marketing endeavors.

ChatPion Change Log:

1. Huge improvements on Live Chat:

- Attractive and feature-rich design.

- Browser notification and sound notification for new message received.

- Canned response. (Generate and store responses for instant sending)

- Attach file (Send file, image, video, audio on Live Chat).

- Record voice or sound and send on Live Chat.

- System messages and notifications for adding and removing labels and sequences.

- Mark a message to read, unread, archived and unarchived.

- Return to the dashboard from the live chat with just one click.

- Smooth reloading of the Live Chat window for updating messages.

2. Flow Builder Improvements:

- No more “Trigger keyword” component. Trigger keywords can be added right on the Start Bot Flow.

- Postback terms are eliminated for an easier bot building experience.

- Add an existing flow on button and quick reply.

- A Sequence message campaign can be assigned from the Start Bot Flow. Previously, it was possible only on a button.

- Unsubscribe from sequence automatically from the bot itself. Unsubscribe from sequence options are on the Start Bot Flow and on the button.

- Conditions can be used anywhere on the bot.

- Added Carousel and button components for Instagram bot.

3. Bot Reply Improvements:

- Duplicate and copy a bot to another Facebook page.

- Export and import bot Flows.

4. Separate menus for Messenger and Instagram have been added, eliminating the need for toggling back and forth.

5. Social Media posting simplified:

- Only Facebook and Instagram posting features are available.

- Other social media posting features are removed for simplicity.

6. Team member add-on has been added.

- Create team role.

- Create team members and assign them to team role.

7. Search tool removed.

8. Scan inbox (Old subscriber synchronization) Removed from the Subscriber Manager.

8 Answers

  • aifabio

    12 days ago

    It will take a long time to activate Google Map Reviews responses

  • aifabio

    14 days ago

    Will it take time to put Instagram Reply Enhancers with AI?

  • nsanasey

    2 months ago

    Why cant I log a call in HELPDESK, cannot select SOFTWARE !!!!

  • aifabio

    2 months ago

    Do I need to do the reverse update, Google Map evaluation chain?

  • masterwindou

    3 months ago

    GREETINGS OTN NO LONGER WORKS AND NEITHER WORKS NEW BOTS ERROR (#100) the parameter container is required

  • qmatricarileelahqt

    3 months ago

    my update crashed with this error message "Apache Server at Port 443"

  • chebli17

    3 months ago

    Hello, first I want to thank you for your efforts.

    Unfortunately, we did not expect this very bad version from you, which is not completely based on the desires of customers.

    I think that you issued this version only to notify us that there are developments on your part.

    After our ambitions were to add many tools to the platform in order to keep pace with the development taking place in our competing platforms. For example, we aspired to add other platforms such as Telegram and WhatsApp, and to return the platforms that you deleted such as Google My Business, Pinterest, and others, I find myself using a platform that is limited only to Meta products.
    How can I promise my customers that I am the best in the market and that I offer a unique platform that helps expand and develop in several platforms, while I provide a platform that only serves Meta products?
     I do not know where the problem you face in meeting customers’ desires is. If we can specify the features that we provide for the platform, then why do you bother? If you want to think about our customers instead of us, you should be thinking about us and not our customers.
    - very bad, I will never update it again.

  • payblogg

    3 months ago


    the mobile version still not easy to navigate , it is responsive but not that much , i tried to make webview android app but it was not clear

    anyhow , thanks for this update

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