EX inboxer removed all my posts !!!

Profile Picture mikos000  2nd Oct 2020

Hi i have problem with EX inboxer www.fb.migan.pl user Malgorzata Myszkowska
I used API from Please go to https://ac.getapptoken.com/
1. All posts published by EZInboxer have been remover !!!! WHY ???
2. I can't import account't Fanpages list - i have error

An uncaught Exception was encountered
Type: Facebook\Exceptions\FacebookResponseException
Message: Cannot call API for app 515511428891927 on behalf of user 1180057142167443
Filename: /application/libraries/Facebook/Exceptions/FacebookResponseException.php
Line Number: 126

1 Answers

  • mikos000

    2 months ago

    please contact me mikos000@gmail.com

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