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Profile Picture aladdinmh  30th Dec 2022

Facbook Ask me for Access Verification.

Can you please provide me with example of Access Verification Submit?


2 Answers

  • aladdinmh

    1 year ago

    It will try it, thanks

  • miraz Team

    1 year ago

    1.Select SaaSPlatform.


    Username : reviewer@chatpion.com

    Password : 123456

    1. User Login to our system with their system username & password.

    2. Go to Facebook & Instagram Menu.

    3. User then Click the button "Login with Facebook" to import Facebook Account.

    4. Our system get the user information, Page List & Access Token.

    5. Now Click on the 'Enable Bot Connection' button icon. 6. Then user goes to Social Posting Menu -> Multimedia Post.

    7. Then click on 'Create new post' Button.

    8. Now enable "Facebook" from top-right corner of the page and you'll see the Facebook accounts pages list.

    9. Now click on the "Text,Link,Image,Video" to post Text,Link,Image,Video on Facebook page.

    10. User can post text, image, video, link in their pages & schedule for a future date.

    Note: Please replace your site url, username and password.

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