Happy Bengali New Year 65% Sale & Extra Discount on Add-ons

Profile Picture xeroneitbd  11th Apr 2022 ChatPion

Dear valued customers,

Sale is Live Now : https://xeroneit.net/deal/bengali-new-year/

We are thrilled to announce that the Biggest Sale in the history of XeroneIT is going to start on 14 April, the Bengali New Year. The Bengali New Year is our biggest national festival.  We celebrate the Bengali New year with the greatest joy.  And to ensure your participation in the celebration of Bengali New Year, we are initiating the biggest Sale in our history.

In the Bengali New Year Sale, we are giving an overall 65% discount on ChatPion and SiteSpy and their add-ons. Moreover, we have an unexpected and great surprise for you. We are giving an extra 70%, 75%, or 80% discount on the add-ons of ChatPion if you comment under Facebook post or Instagram Post or subscribe to our Telegram Bot. Try your luck on our Bengali New Year wheel. Just as you comment under the Facebook post or Instagram post or subscribe to our Telegram channel, a coupon code will be sent to your Facebook or Instagram inbox as a private reply and to your Telegram account respectively. And using the coupon code, you can get an extra discount.

Try your luck by commenting on Facebook or Instagram post or subscribing to Telegram Bot.

Facebook Post : https://www.facebook.com/372747716260046/posts/1924748107726658/
Instagram Post : https://www.instagram.com/p/CcNS2RGlop5/
Telegram Bot : https://t.me/Chatpion_bot  

Wishing you a Happy Bengali New Year in advance.

Thanks for your consideration.

All the best,

XeroneIT Team.

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