Hi since 12/september my "social posting" isn't working, I wonder how may I fix it?

Profile Picture dimitri_sean  19th Sep 2022 Instagram Reply Enhancers

I just noticed now, someone asked me "why you stopped posting every day", I checked the program and i stopped posting since day 12. There are no warnings in the Facebook app. 

How can I figure out why it is happening?

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  • dimitri_sean

    1 year ago

    PS: Problem solved, if someone encounter the same problem, delete the campaign with the yellow publication with problem and the system will carry on.

  • dimitri_sean

    1 year ago

    I found out exactly the moment it went offline, 9/13/22 at 6:13am: 


    1 year ago

    BTW, I didn't changed my cron: 

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