How to Move ChatPion to a Different Subdirectory?

Profile Picture DhandsomeB  11th Sep 2021 ChatPion

I have previously installed ChatPion in the main directory of my server (public_html). Now I want to move my ChatPion install to a sub-directory so that I can free up the main directory for something else.

What is the process of moving the existing installation on the main folder to a new subdirectory on the same server? Will I need to active new license keys, or will the same key work?

I was searching the forums, but nothing was popping up, although it says there are 90+ results matching my keyword search. The one I did see is how to migrate to a different server.

Thanks for providing guidance! Looking forward to your response...

1 Answers

  • miraz Team

    2 years ago

    1. Export your old database tables to a sql file via phpmyadmin.

    2. Then install a fresh copy of the app to new server (or new location of same server) using a new database.

    3. Go to the new database and delete all tables.

    4. Now import your old database sql to new database.

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