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Profile Picture IntelMutya  11th Jul 2021 ChatPion

How can I add members that can manage my social media accounts that don't need to use my login access? In the platform, admin can only create members and fellow admins. But the member can't add members that will manage their social media accounts like schedule posting, create bot for them, etc. like what other social media management has. If that feature is already in the platform, can you walkthrough me on how to do it? Or is it available as addon, what addon to buy? Thank you and God bless.

2 Answers

  • miraz Team

    1 month ago

    Sorry but currently we have no plan. You can send your any request here

  • miraz Team

    2 months ago

    Sorry but this option is not available in our system.

    • IntelMutya

      2 months ago

      Is it going to be a future feature? Do you have plans to include it in the next update? I think it is a great feature since most of the users who own a business will have members that will manage their social media accounts. I hope this will part of the next update.

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