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Hi Support team,

1. I wonder about the storage that we must store every picture and video into the server, so this could lead server to be slow down . Please consider to add API of it has free package that we could storage unlimited images instead of our own server storage. or use wasabi cloud ( this is better way).

2. Can add any currency and set it to be default

3. Payment via bank account and then upload bank statement for verify ( I think many of your customers need this) due to their country can't get e-payment including me.

4. Add inbox chat: for chatting with customers easily ( Now it is quite complication to use and not real time: and also improve design of 

5. Make system send email to let admin knows that there is new registered user

6.  Add more section into support center: Knowledge base, Contact us info.

7. Most important feature now, page admin like to live for sale but it is quite difficult to collect the sale. so this feature is to collect customers info when they confirm purchasing see demo:

Please consider which one you think it should be added or not

Best regards

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  • vuekai

    8 months ago

    8. and nowaday most customers use on mobile more than on PC, please fix some more page that are not responsive.

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