Problemas al conectar mi app con facebook

Profile Picture jsifuentesc  1st Jul 2020

i have this problem when i import facebook account, they will help me, i already have installed the ssl and activated the https, but facebook tells me that i don't have a secure connection, in the xerochatit page they told me not to force the access to https because the system and comes with that, and if i continue with this problem i will communicate with you.

Facebook detected that zoom blogs does not use a secure connection to transfer information.

Until zoom blogs updates its security settings, you will not be able to use Facebook to login.

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  • jsifuentesc

    1 month ago

    I submitted my application for approval of my facebook application to connect my pages but I was rejected, what could be the error? filling all the steps recommended by xerochat?ómo-presentar-una-solicitud-para-revisar...

    with this error:

    "Checking application comments

    The Facebook "Login" button on your web or mobile application does not use the ID of the application you are sending. Please use the correct application ID so that we can log in and test the application. Learn more about login review requirements here.

    I also got rejected the application I sent for review with this:

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