XeroChat is Now ChatPion

Profile Picture xeroneitbd  21st Sep 2021 ChatPion

Dear valued customers,

We have changed the name of our flagship product from XeroChat to ChatPion. That is, from now on, XeroChat will be called as ChatPion.

We want to be the pioneer in chatbot technology. Therefore, we take ‘Pion’ from the word ‘Pioneer’.

We hope that if you keep supporting us, ChatPion can lead in the chatbot world.

Stay Safe and Well.

All the best,

Xerone IT Team.

2 Answers

  • xcode2

    2 years ago

    FYI - new name has similar sound as "chat peon"

    • ranzu84 Team

      2 years ago

      Pion is pronounced [ pahy-on ]. Thanks

  • HtinKyaw

    2 years ago

    Love this name. 

    • ranzu84 Team

      2 years ago

      Thank you :)

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