ChatPion v1.0.4 has been released

Profile Picture alaminjwel  8th Sep 2019 ChatPion

Hello guys,

We have just released ChatPion v1.0.4 with several system update though the log looks small. The changes are mainly focused on back-end so all the changes will not be visible. v1.0.4 will have updated version of auto reply reporting system. We have added support all over the project for upcoming ChatPion add-on "Comment Reply Enhancers" and optimized codes in many places.


1. Comment Auto Reply Reporting Changed. (Be noted that, after update, old auto reply report's details information will be deleted. Not the campaign but reply data will be deleted )

2. Comment reply enhancers add-on support.

3. Auto comment and auto reply template can not be created without importing account.

4. Typo issue

Thanks :)

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  • moneylove1101

    4 years ago

    how long addons it sell

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