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Messenger Bot Connectivity : A XeroChat Add-on
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Very effective XeroChat add-on that enhances messenger bot features. This add-on includes : JSON API connector & webview.

JSON API Connector:

JSON API connector sends JSON data to any of your provided external URL. Once any specific event mentioned below is triggered, system will send json data to your provided webhook URL & it will wait for 10 second to get response. If system does not get response in 10 seconds, it will send another post request to your webhook. You can then process your data as you want. This feature can be used to connect our system with any third party app like Zapier or your own custom app.


The Messenger Platform allows you to open a standard webview, where you can load webpages inside Messenger. This lets you offer experiences and features that might be difficult to offer with message bubbles, such as picking products to buy, seats to book, or dates to reserve.


  • A ticket-search bot can display an interactive stadium seat map for choosing a seat.
  • A travel bot can provide travel preferences—aisle vs. window, inn vs. hotel, dietary needs—accessible from the persistent menu.
  • A dental-appointment bot can display an interactive calendar for choosing an appointment slot.
  • A news bot can provide a multi-select list of topics to subscribe to.
  • A commerce or brand bot can offer personal preferences to customize offers and free gifts.

Key Features:

JSON API Connector:
  • Connect any 3rd party app like Zapier
  • Just provide a weebhook URL to receive data
  • Works with messagner bot email/phone and postback events
  • Choose data fields you want to receive
  • Use data whatever and whenever you want
  • Ability to export webview data

  • Drag & drop webview form builder
  • Embed webview URL as button click action [text with buttons, generic template, carousel, media]
  • Compact, tall & full webview loading
  • Process & store webview data in XeroChat platform
  • Form-wise & subscriber-wise collected webview data display
  • Export collected webview data to 3rd party app using JSON API connector


Want to know more about Messenger Bot Connectivity Add-on? Please read our Documentation

Change Log

v2.0 – 19th November 2019

- Webview data export feature

v1.3.4 – 13th November 2019

- Some optimization in WebView

v1.3.3 – 31th October 2019 [Auto Update]

- Database unique field issue.

v1.3.2 – 8th October 2019 [Auto Update]

- OPEN BASE DIR required issue

v1.3. – 6th October 2019

- Auto update only

v1.3 – 3rd October 2019

- Data grid loading issue in modal.

v1.2 – 30th September 2019

- Label assign after submit form issue fix.

v1.1 – 28th September 2019

- WebView form submit with typing on enable reply template
- Permission issue in showing WebView Form & Information 

v1.0 – 25th September 2019

- Initial release
  • go2tanvir

    1 month ago
    design quality

    Excellent software for facebook messenger

  • karemshiha

    4 months ago
    design quality

  • oswarnieves

    5 months ago
    design quality

    A great tool that helps me improve my marketing. These guys are the best creating scripts, Customer service is one of the best !!!

  • quantri24

    5 months ago
    design quality

    Hi, I need a video tutorial how to connect
    When a customer fills in a Webview form http://prntscr.com/pixf2i The Xerochat system will send the customer data to Google sheets or Email.
    Thanks Xerochat team

  • anjimgo

    6 months ago
    design quality

    Very good script, so helpfull

  • unlimitedmobileapps

    6 months ago
    design quality

    Thank you!

  • dkwholesales

    6 months ago
    design quality

  • BuxRecord

    6 months ago
    design quality

    Unbelieve. This is the most release never seen in Internet. I ask myself, how you do that? Inspiration? Revelation? or a hide member in fb team?
    Realy thanks for this greeat work

    • alaminjwel

      6 months ago

      Wow, this type of comments are our inspiration :)

  • katetan

    6 months ago
    design quality

    Very Impressive Product!

  • chamnabmey

    6 months ago
    design quality

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  • This webview has an error where anyone can see other people's templates. (customer information, answer form).
    You can see in the picture below. These 2 webview's not created from my account. but of another person

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      6 months ago

      Ok, Got it. We will fix it in next update , hopefully on Sunday.


    • moneylove1101

      6 months ago

      I can edit other people's webview forms. if not fixed quickly will be chaotic and users will destroy each other.

  • error in Webview manager

    It displays all the templates created by users with each other,
    Why this happens should each user have their own templates created
    Each user should keep their own template

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      6 months ago

      Already reported another person & we are aware of that & said will fix in next update as soon as possible.

  • I hope you update
    And add photos and videos +

    That I can control all these buttons

    Alignment Right
    Alignment Lift
    Alignment Center

    It just works in Button

    I have attached photos for clarification

  • There is a bug with webhook been trigger by postback ID is not working

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      6 months ago

      I just double checked, it's working fine for PostBack Triggering.

      Not sure what you are actually doing . If you still face problem, give full video what you are actually doing to reproduce the issue in our end. So we can then understand.

  • Can you guys check on your end, please, in webview form builder under assign label, when you select a label there and create the form. When a user submits their data on the form they are not tagged by the label that is selected in there. Thanks

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      6 months ago

      Yes, There is a glitch. Somehow a file missed to update. We will fix it soon & give update.

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