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Profile Picture xeroneitbd  9th Aug 2021 ChatPion

Dear ChatPionters,

We are thrilled to announce that Instagram BOT, a ChatPion Add-on, is going to be released in a short while. We have developed Instagram BOT, using the official Messenger API for Instagram. Like the ChatPion Messenger bot for Facebook, we have created the Instagram BOT with love, passion, and dedication. To make the add-on highly efficient, robust, error-free, and user-friendly, we have worked day and night. And when you use the Instagram BOT, you will understand that we have succeeded.

Well, thousands of people worldwide use Facebook Messenger. Still, there are people who don’t use Facebook Messenger. Instead, they use Instagram Messenger. And the number of Instagram Messenger users is increasing day by day. Anyway, using Facebook Messenger, you can reach only the people who use Facebook Messenger, not the people who use Instagram Messenger. To reach people who use Instagram, you also have to use Instagram Messenger. In one word, you have to use both Facebook Messenger and Instagram Messenger to reach more and more people.

Besides ChatPionMessenger bot for Facebook, you should use ChatPion Instagram BOT developed with official API. The Instagram BOT can do almost everything the ChatPion Messenger bot can do. For example, Instagram BOT can reply to customer queries and provide information about products, offers, and discounts with multimedia messages. Moreover, it can collect users’ data with Quick Reply, sell products and take payment with Ecommerce in messenger, send Sequence Messages, and so on. In addition, if you have User Input Flow and Custom Fields, a ChatPion Add-on, the Instagram BOT can collect current and original data in a conversational way.

You can build the Instagram Bot, using the classic bot builder of ChatPion. And if you have Flow Builder, a ChatPion add-on, you can very easily build an Instagram bot on the Flow Builder, a visual drag and drop chatbot editor. Besides the general bot, using the condition element of Flow Builder, you can build a condition-based intelligent Instagram bot that can take decisions based on the users’ data. Instead of sending random messages to every people, the intelligent Instagram BOT can send the right message to the right people.

We hope that you will love our Instagram BOT as you love our Messenger bot for Facebook.

Happy Chatboting.

Stay Safe and Well.

All the best,

Xerone IT team

2 Answers

  • eyvann

    2 years ago

    can we use webhook to collect user database using webhook connector?

    seem using classic editor doesnt work for collecting email and phone

    it can work using user input addon

    can you fixed it

    • ranzu84 Team

      2 years ago

      It should work with the classic editor too. If you still have a problem, please open a ticket to the support team. We will be glad to solve your problem. Thanks


    2 years ago

    Excelente equipo de trabajo, solo tengo una pregunta.

    No vi la función de respuesta en las historias, ¿esta función también vendrá?

    • ranzu84 Team

      2 years ago

      Gracias por tu comentario. La respuesta a las historias también está disponible. Podemos establecer una respuesta para la mención de la historia.

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