ChatPion version 3.1 has been released

Profile Picture mostofa_zaman  2nd Mar 2020 ChatPion

Hello Everyone,

We have just released ChatPion 3.1 with some new changes & addition. The details change log is described below.

- Action on conversation broadcast deprecation on 30th June 2020 Details

- RSS posting: During feed add, error display for empty feed

- RSS posting: set description for post.

- Postback manager: Sorting column with Postback ID

- Postback manager: duplicate/cloning Postback Template.

- Bot settings start/stop option for Keyword.

- Custom sms api. Details

- Sendinblue integration Details

- Activecampaign Integration Details

- Comboposter multi campaign "Not Completed" problem solved

- WebView support in Comment private reply

- Test SMS Sending Option

- Test Email Sending Option with Sendgrid, mandrill, mailgun

- Product list currency display issue fixed 


Xerone IT Team 

3 Answers

  • sanyto

    3 years ago

    How about adding shipping fee option like local ang international shipping. it helps a lot for those have customer international and local. thnak you :)

  • smin123

    3 years ago

    You can perfect e-commerce:

    1. Order export

    2. Order tracking ID upload

    3. Customer query logistics tracking

  • mfirdaus_azizi

    3 years ago

    What does this mean?

    "WebView support in Comment private reply"

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      3 years ago

      Before, during auto private reply for comment , postback template that consist of any webview form or any ecommerce store url not work for submitting the form or add to cart . Now we have give the fix for that .

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