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v90 –6th April 2023

- Remove XeroBiz add-on (16 addons)

v8.0 – 30th Jan 2022

-Visual Flowbuilder Insight & Visual Flowbuilder Conditional reply add-ons added to bundle (17 addons)

v7.0 – 22th Jan 2022

-Visual Flowbuilder & Instagram Chatbot add-ons are now inside ChatPion for FREE (15 addons)

v6.0 – 22th August 2021

-Instagram Chatbot add-on added to bundle (17 addons)

v5.0 – 30th May 2021

-Ecommerce digital product add-on added to bundle (16 addons)

v4.0 – 16th Mar 2021

-WhatsApp E-Commerce add-on removed
-Flow Builder add-on added

v3.0 – 10th Feb 2021

-WhatsApp E-Commerce added to bundle (15 addons)

v2.0 – 8th Dec 2020

- XeroBizz & WooCommerce added to bundle (14 addons)

v1.0 – 25th Nov 2020

- Initial Release (12 addons)

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Bundle Includes 18 Products :

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