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How to create a Sales Funnel in Messenger with ChatPion

Have you ever considered creating a sales funnel? Think it’s complicated and overwhelming? Don’t know where to begin? As an entrepreneur, you realize marketing's importance: In the absence of marketing, your business would ultimately fail due to the lack of new customers. Therefore, if you haven't already put time and effort into this task, now is the time to start; and one easy way to star...

14th Dec 2020



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How to collect Email address / Leads inside Facebook Messenger with ChatPion

Gathering user data is general practice in modern websites and applications. For business, it is very important to collect the user’s data or leads. Collecting proper information and using it cleverly can give associations an edge over competitors and increase the impact of limited resources. You can collect user's data or leads in 3 ways by using the ChatPion inside Facebook Messenger wit...

8th Dec 2020



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How to make QR Code Menu for Restaurant food order with ChatPion

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way to effortlessly share a digital form of your restaurant menu? With ChatPion’s QR Code digital menu generator you can create your digital menu for your restaurant. All you need to do is, create a store using ChatPion and then generate a QR code. Then this QR code digital menu can be accessed from Facebook Messenger and from outside of the Messenger u...

6th Dec 2020



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How to Pause & Resume a Messenger BOT for a specific subscriber

Once in a while, you may want to stop the Messenger Bot for a specific subscriber and take control over the chat. You can not just stop the Bot, if you stop the bot then the bot will stop working for everyone. There are two ways, you can pause and resume the bot for a specific person or subscriber. You can do it from the Subscriber Manager and the Messenger Bot settings.   From Subscr...

3rd Dec 2020



How to downgrade to a version and then auto-update the latest versions?

If somehow your auto-update fails like file missed or query not executed, In this case, you can do the step described below. But it's a bit technical & we don't recommend doing that if you don't have enough expertise. If you want to downgrade the version of your ChatPion, then please go to your database and open the table version. Then delete the rows those has the higher version from yo...

24th Oct 2020



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How To Integrate Custom HTTP SMS[POST] API On ChatPion

Great news! You know by default ChatPion supports Twillo, Nexmo, Clickatell, Plivo & some other SMS gateway. However for global pricing variation for sending SMS , you may need to add your local SMS gateway provider . It's quite impossible to add each individual API in reality by us actually. But as a solution we have implemented a system where you can add any HTTP POST  Request ...

28th Sep 2020



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Instagram Auto Comment Reply With ChatPion

Instagram Auto Comment Reply With ChatPion: At this time, Instagram is one of the most popular social media among all social media and it has also become more popular day by day. So as a popular media, Instagram has given some opportunities for third-party app developers to integrate through Instagram API. ChatPion has integrated these features. So to get the instagram features with ChatPion...

20th Sep 2020



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APP Approval Instruction For ChatPion Instagram Feature [For Who Has Already ChatPion Approved App]

Before creating your screencast please follow the below steps: 1.You need to create two Instagram account, one account must be created by signup in Instagram And another Instagram account you need to create by login with Facebook. 2.Then setup bot in your signed up Instagram account in the Application and send message to signed up instagram account from the login with facebook account. Then b...

7th Sep 2020



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How to Integrate Mailgun SMTP with ChatPion

How to Integrate Mailgun SMTP with ChatPion: As you already know that you can integrate server SMTP and any type of SMTP with ChatPion. But sometimes we need help to integrate some SMTP, so as previous blog we’ve discussed how you can integrate sendgrid SMTP with ChatPion. Now, in this blog, we’ll instruct you on how you can integrate Mailgun SMTP with ChatPion.   Follow the below...

29th Aug 2020



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How to create beautiful email templates in ChatPion

No need to pay third parties for building email templates!  ChatPion has come up with a brand new module called Drag & Drop Email Template Builder. It has a very simple interface. It has been made such a way that its user can create an HTML Email template within a few seconds. Just drag and drop the elements you need and build your HTML email templates without paying third party services fo...

18th Aug 2020



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APP Approval Instruction For ChatPion Live Streaming [For Who Has Already ChatPion Approved App]

  For Facebook live streaming of VidCasterLive add-on of ChatPion, you’ll need the approval of Live Video API feature only. You can request it from your app permission and features menu.   Demo Screencast:  We strongly recommend creating your own screencast video with your Facebook APP & ChatPion system. WE HAVE SUBMITTED APP FOR REVIEW USING THAT VIDEO ABOVE AND CO...

16th Aug 2020



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How to post on social media from CSV file with ChatPion bulk post planner

Post Planner – a completely brand new module of ChatPion. It allows you to upload bulk image, link, and text campaigns via CSV file to be posted on specified social media. Today, you’re going to see how to deal with Post Planner and make campaigns using CSV file upload. First of all, take a look at how the CSV file should be formatted with data. The CSV file has to have 4 header field...

16th Aug 2020



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