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How to Create Google APP & Submit for Google My Business Approval For XeroBizz

How to Create Google APP & Submit for Google My Business Approval For XeroBizz Hi, Welcome to the XeroBizz Google App Settings instructions blog. XeroBizz is the most powerful application for Google My Business Service. In this blog, we will guide you on Google App Creation, Google App submission. So let’s get started !! How to Create Google App for XeroBizz As XeroBizz is the applic...

12th Mar 2020



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How To Integrate ActiveCampaign With ChatPion

You can now integrate Activecampaign into ChatPion. From now with this feature all the emails collected from messenger Quick Reply or user’s sign up will automatically added to your desired Activecampaign list.   Integration procedure: First of all please go to the menu Messenger Bot then click actions of the Email Auto Responder section. Then click ActiveCampaign Integration. ...

26th Feb 2020



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How to Integrate custom HTTP SMS API on ChatPion

Great news! You know by default ChatPion supports Twillo, Nexmo, Clickatell, Plivo & some other SMS gateway. However for global pricing variation for sending SMS , you may need to add your local SMS gateway provider . It's quite impossible to add each individual API in reality by us actually. But as a solution we have implemented a system where you can add any HTTP GET Request...

22nd Feb 2020



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How To Integrate Sendinblue With ChatPion

You can now integrate Sendinblue into ChatPion. From now with this feature, all the emails collected from messenger Quick Reply or user’s sign up will automatically be added to your desired Sendinblue list. Integration procedure: First of all please go to the menu Messenger Bot then click actions of the Email Auto-Responder section. Then click Sendinblue Integration.   Now y...

22nd Feb 2020



About Recent Changes on Facebook API for ChatPion Feature

Some Important Update Regarding New API Changes of Facebook: Right now ChatPion is actually not an application that depends on Facebook only anymore. It's becoming an All-in-one marketing solutions platform. However, regarding the feature of Facebook, let me give you an idea which is going to be affected. Affected Features : Main ChatPion Conversation Broadcast : This feature...

6th Feb 2020



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How to create E-commerce Store inside Messenger with ChatPion

E-commerce Store With ChatPion : Introduction “Ecommerce store” is a special feature of ChatPion , the world’s best marketing software. With the feature, you can create a virtual store that will open not only inside messenger but also on the browser. Just after creating your store, it will provide two QR codes-- Messenger QR code and browser QR code. Just as your custom...

26th Jan 2020



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How to set up Gmail SMTP with Xerochat

Gmail SMTP Integration Process with ChatPion: If you want to use your Gmail account as SMTP Server with ChatPion, you have to follow the below steps to make it work: 1) First change the mail sending option from System -> Settings -> General Settings to SMTP of ChatPion.   2) Setup your gmail smtp at system -> Settings -> SMTP Settings menu of ChatPion. Sender Email Address:...

18th Dec 2019



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Setup Sendgrid SMTP & integrate with ChatPion for Email Marketing

To integrate with SendGrid SMTP API with ChatPion Create an API Key with at least “Mail” permissions from Email address: Email address from where you want to send message. SMTP host: SMTP username: apikey Password: The API key generated in step 1. SMTP port: 465 SMTP type : SSL Here is the full video instruc...

15th Dec 2019



APP submission Reject Due To Reviewer Can't Login

In some random cases, reviewer may reject your app submission by showing the problem that they couldn’t import their account in the system. It rarely happen & it’s a mistake of the reviewer that he might tried to import a wrong account that doesn’t work for app approval purpose or didn’t granted all the permission asked by the system or anything that actually unknown...

14th Nov 2019



Troubleshooting for auto reply of ChatPion

ChatPion’s auto reply & private reply of comment is webhook based. There is no relation with cron job for auto reply campaign. However if you find your auto reply isn’t working for any reason, you should go for some checking if these are full filled. 1. First of all, make sure your app is fully Approved with Business Verification/Individual Verification & in Live Mode. Before approval & ...

14th Nov 2019



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Email Marketing With ChatPion & Email API Integration

Email integration into ChatPion. Now you can send automated replies to your clients who will provide their Email address. Also, you can send bulk Email to your created Email address lists. Integration procedure: First of all please go to the menu Broadcasting then click actions of the Email API Settings section and you'll see the APIs dropdown. You can integrate four Email APIs...

10th Nov 2019



FAQ in Messenger With Ice Breakers Feature With ChatPion

What is Ice Breakers of Facebook Messenger: Ice Breaker ( FAQ in Messenger ) is a new addition on Facebook Messenger for business with a list of frequently asked questions. This is an alternative of Get Started button. You may see these question in messenger before, but there was no way to control them programmatically, manage user response & continue chat as per their question. Now Facebook...

30th Oct 2019



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