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ChatPion Development in Localhost Server - Purchase Codes

As we can feel that sometimes you need to modify or extends anything of ChatPion. It’s very tough & risky to do this in production server. As our motto is ‘We think of your needs’, so we are decided to give a flexible way to do it. Here is a Master Purchase Code for ChatPion, which will work in localhost server for installation. So if you need to do any changes in design or extends som...

19th Oct 2019



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ChatPion is the First to Implement Private Reply with Template Message

On September 30, 2019 Facebook made improvements to private replies. The old Private Replies only allowed plain text to be sent. With this update businesses can send images, templates and quick replies as part of the message they send in response to a post or comment on their Page. Private Replies allows businesses to reply to Post Comments and Visitor Posts made on their Page with a si...

17th Oct 2019



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Website Comparison & Place Search in Facebook with Xerochat

Today we're going to introduce our new features of ChatPion, It's Search Marketing, and Comparison Marketing. That’s really so much powerful tools from many aspect. 1. For comparing website existence in Facebook. 2. Place Search in Facebook. Comparing website existence in Facebook helps you to know, how many times your website shares, reaction, comment, in Facebook fo...

17th Oct 2019



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SMS Marketing With ChatPion & SMS API Integration

SMS integration into ChatPion. Now you can send automated replies to your clients who will provide their phone number. Also can send bulk SMS to your created/uploaded phone numbers list.   Integration procedure:   First of all please go to the menu Broadcasting then click actions of the SMS API settings section.     Now you’ll be in the SMS API integration panel. ...

7th Oct 2019



How to Configure Messenger Bot Reply For No Match Keyword with ChatPion

Configuration Procedures of Messenger Bot Reply For No Match Keyword With ChatPion : First of all, Go to Messenger Bot -> Bot Settings -> Action Button Settings dropdown of ChatPion Application and select No Match Template option. You can set bot reply for text, image, audio, video, file etc.   Now go to Messenger Bot -> Bot Settings -> General Settings menu a...

7th Oct 2019



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How to Integrate MailChimp with ChatPion

You can now integrate MailChimp into ChatPion. From now with this feature all the emails collected from messenger Quick Reply or user’s sign up will automatically added to your desired MailChimp list. Integration procedure: First of all please go to the menu Messenger Bot then click actions of the Email Auto Responder section. Then click MailChimp Integration. Now you’ll be in ...

3rd Oct 2019



APP Approval Instruction For ChatPion Group Posting [For Who Has Already ChatPion Approved App]

You will need below permission to run ChatPion’s Facebook group posting feature. publish_to_groups Groups API   First of all please go to the menu System->Settings and then click Change Settings of General section. Then enable group posting from Facebook Poster section. Now please go to and keep your current app in development mode. Start...

25th Sep 2019



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How to set auto reply of dark post or by post ID with ChatPion

You can set auto reply campaign for dark post like Facebook Ads Post or any post that want to hidden from timeline with ChatPion. Also you can set auto reply campaign by post ID (those post don't show in latest post list of that page) Disclaimer : We want to inform you that , Facebook Ads post that you created from Facebook Ads manager, if you have ever edited/modified your ads after c...

8th Sep 2019



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How to submit Facebook APP approval for review in ChatPion

How to create a Facebook app: Please watch this video first to know how to create a Facebook App. In this video we have shown which permissions are required for ChatPion. We have given the list of the permission just after this video.   You will need below permission to run ChatPion’s core features. email public_profile pages_manage_engagement pages_read_user_content...

26th Aug 2019



(#551) This person isn't available right now error message in Subscriber Bulk Broadcast

You may see error like (#551) This person isn't available right now in report of Subscriber Bulk Broadcast with Messenger Broadcaster addon There may several reason: 1. The user deactivated their account. 2.The user blocked your page. 3. The user don't have activity for long days with your page. 4. The user may in FB Inboxer leads as got private reply of comment but never repli...

2nd Jul 2019



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How to reset purchase code of Xerone IT Products

One purchase code can be hooked with one domain or subdomain. However if you change your domain or subdomain, you will need to reset purchase codes to use them for new domain or subdomain. The good news is you do not need to open a support ticket or ask our team to reset your purchase code any more ! Yes, now you can reset your purchase code from your Xerone IT panel. You can reset both Envato ...

9th Apr 2019



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Solution for error (#200) If posting to a group, requires app being installed in the group

You can follow the below steps to install the app in your Facebook group. Remember that's for only after your app is approved & Live mode. First, go to your Facebook group and click the "More" button. Then click the "Edit Group Settings" menu from the dropdown list. As shown in the Step 1 section. Click on the "Add Apps" button in the Apps section. As shown in the Step 2 section. Her...

30th Mar 2019



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