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How SMS & Email Sequence Campaigner ChatPion Add-on Works

How SMS & Email Sequence Campaigner ChatPion Add-on Works This blog is to guide you to know how SMS & Email Sequence campaigner add-on of ChatPion works. There are several categories you can get facilities of this add-on. So let’s get started with the flow. Create SMS/Email Templates: To get started with SMS/Email sequence, you've to create SMS & Email Templates to create SMS & Ema...

20th May 2020



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ChatPion Change Log

V8.5- 19 Feb, 2023 - ChatGPT (Open AI GPT-3) Integration add-on support. - PHP version 8.2 support V8.3.6- 08 Nov, 2022 - New: Instagram Reels post. - Improve: Send Email to store owner instead of user email when new order placed - Fix: Instagram mentions reply. - Fix: Errors in Multimedia(video) posting. - Fix: Instagram video story mention content shown in the live chat s...

2nd Jun 2021



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Send Promotional Message using One Time Notifications For Facebook Messenger

What is One Time Notification (OTN)? As you know Facebook Messenger Platform doesn’t allow to send message after 24 hours of last interaction by any subscriber. Once any subscriber interacts with your Messenger, you have 24 hour time to send promotional message as many as you want (Don’t spam). After 24 hours, you are not allowed to send any message (Except using some specific tag ...

20th Apr 2020



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Solution Facebook Webview Not Loading in Mobile

You may encounter webview loading issue in mobile device for ChatPion Ecommnerce or WebView Form. When clicking on button, that doesn't trigger the webview & nothing happened in mobile but working fine in Desktop. It's actually a issue happened randomly & can be fixed very easily. Go to Facebook pages Settings -> Messenger Platform/Advanced Messaging -> White Listed Domains , Then if a...

18th Apr 2020



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Difference between Regular License & Extended License.

Most of our software ( ChatPion, SiteSpy, XeroBizz ) offer two types of licenses. Regular License & Extended License. As you know, we generally produce software as self-hosted white label multiuser SaaS system.   That means our software can be used by you & also your users. You can create account from admin panel User Management option or users can sign up in to system. So the key dif...

18th Apr 2020



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How to upgrade xerochat to extended license from regular license

In last couple of weeks we have found a lot of customers who have previously purchased regular license & now converted to extended license of ChatPion. Some common question we have faced about license upgrade are answered here. How to upgrade to Extended License from Regular License? In this case, you will need to purchase Extended License. Will you refund for my Regular License? I...

11th Apr 2020



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How to integrate Amazon SES SMTP with ChatPion

ChatPion supports SMTP to send email as well as Amazon SES SMTP.  To add Amazon SES SMTP inside ChatPion , follow the below instruction.   Set SMTP Configuration like this : Sender Email Address:  From Email Address [Must be verified in Amazon SES] SMTP Host:  Your Account's Amazon SMTP Server SMTP User:  SMTP Username SMTP password: SMTP Credential SMTP port: 465 Connection ty...

30th Mar 2020



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How to create Google APP, Verify Domain and Submit For Approval For ViddPrim

How to Create Google APP, Verify Domain & Submit For Approval For ViddPrim: Hi, Welcome to the ViddPrim Google App Settings instructions blog. ViddPrim is the most powerful application for YouTube Marketing. In this blog, we will guide you on Google App Creation, Domain verification and Google App submission for Approval. So let’s get started! How to Create Google App for ViddPrim: A...

24th Mar 2020



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The Benefits of Google My Business (GMB) Listing & How It Works

Google My Business is a free tool from Google to grow your business- you needn’t pay to use it. With the free tool, you can create and edit your business listing. To do this, you don’t have to do any extra work on your website. And you can use Google My Business to decide how your business would show up on both the Google search page and Google Maps.   Sometimes the searchers have tr...

23rd Mar 2020



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How to Create Google APP & Submit for Google My Business Approval For XeroBizz

How to Create Google APP & Submit for Google My Business Approval For XeroBizz Hi, Welcome to the XeroBizz Google App Settings instructions blog. XeroBizz is the most powerful application for Google My Business Service. In this blog, we will guide you on Google App Creation, Google App submission. So let’s get started !! How to Create Google App for XeroBizz As XeroBizz is the applic...

12th Mar 2020



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How To Integrate ActiveCampaign With ChatPion

You can now integrate Activecampaign into ChatPion. From now with this feature all the emails collected from messenger Quick Reply or user’s sign up will automatically added to your desired Activecampaign list.   Integration procedure: First of all please go to the menu Messenger Bot then click actions of the Email Auto Responder section. Then click ActiveCampaign Integration. ...

26th Feb 2020



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How to Integrate custom HTTP SMS API on ChatPion

Great news! You know by default ChatPion supports Twillo, Nexmo, Clickatell, Plivo & some other SMS gateway. However for global pricing variation for sending SMS , you may need to add your local SMS gateway provider . It's quite impossible to add each individual API in reality by us actually. But as a solution we have implemented a system where you can add any HTTP GET Request...

22nd Feb 2020



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