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EZ Inboxer 5.0 with Complete Posting Features

EZ Inboxer is basically Facebook Messenger Marketing Tool. But we are not keeping it on only Messenger feature. We are making it as complete Facebook Marketing Tool. We need to post on Facebook page regularly. Most of us use other tools to perfrom it. That's why we have added the posting feature inside EZ Inboxer. Also now you can easily enable auto reply campaign for these post during post...

6th Sep 2018



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VidCasterLive and Facebook App approval Instructions

We are requesting you to submit your app for review, for VidCasterLive you will need to submit app for four type of approvals: publish_video publish_pages publish_to_groups manage_pages Groups API Live Video Feature First of all please go to the menu "Administration->Settings->Social Login Settings" then keep it in inactive state if you alrady activate any...

25th Feb 2019



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Solution : (#368) The action attempted has been deemed abusive or is otherwise disallowed

This error messages comes from Facebook. There may be few reason of it. 1. Your content may be Spammy by Facebook Filter. 2. You have any link attached that blocked by Facebook 3. You are sending message too fast without setting delay. 4. If too much people mark your message as spam. 5. The subscribers from whom it gets the error message is inactive from many days w...

22nd Jan 2019



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EZ Inboxer and PageResponse add-on App approval instruction

You'll be able to use this app for main EZ Inboxer and PageResponse Add-on We are requesting you to submit your app for review. For EZ Inboxer you will need to submit app for following approvals: manage_pages [permission] publish_pages [permission] Pages_messaging [permission] First of all please go to the menu administration->settings->social login settings then keep it ...

28th Sep 2018



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BOT Inboxer Facebook APP Approval Instructions

Let me describe about the process for Facebook APP approval for BOT Inboxer. It's so easy. :) Approval Needed: Page_messaging Manage_pages Page_messaging permission submitting procedure: Please follow the below instruction video for submitting Page_messaging approval. Example Content : Hi Facebook Team, My Messenger BOT works like t...

10th Nov 2018



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BOT Inboxer : Add-on Version of FB Inboxer Change Log V2.4

BOT Inboxer Version ChangeLog V2.4 : We have been working hard to improve BOT Inboxer from couple of weeks. We have added couple of new feature to enhance the BOT creation experience. BOT Inboxer : EZ Inboxer Add-on For Facebook Messenger BOT Key changes on this version is listed below. Template Manager: We have added this new feature for create template. Now you can first create ...

2nd Jul 2018



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