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Overview of ChatPion

ChatPion is a powerful all-in-one marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes increase sales, improve customer service, and boost productivity. ChatPion's core features include a Messenger bot, ecommerce platform, and social media management tool. Features Messenger Bot Messenger bot is a highly interactive chatbot that can be used to generate leads, qualify prospects, an...

20th Nov 2023



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ChatPion: Regular License vs. Extended License

In the world of software business, licensing plays a crucial role in determining how a product can be used. Today, Facebook and Instagram marketing are at the top of the e-commerce business. So we bring you an awesome e-commerce marketing tool for Facebook and Instagram marketing ChatPion. ChatPion offers two types of licenses: regular and extended. These licenses are part of a self-hosted w...

12th Nov 2023



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How to Sell Products on Facebook Messenger with ChatPion

Chatpion is a powerful marketing tool for businesses. It includes things like Facebook Messenger Bots, Facebook Marketing, sending emails and text messages, and posting on social media. It's unique because it puts all these tools together in one place. Even if you're not a tech expert, you can use it easily. It's always getting better with new features, making it stand out from similar tools. I...

22nd Aug 2023



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How to present your business to Instagram users using IniChat

If you want to grow your business, you need to obtain thousands of followers on Social Media. The more you have followers on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, the more your business grows. Nowadays, without followers on social media, it is very hard to flourish your business. Therefore, you have to attract more followers on social media. And to do this, you have to be super active...

13th Sep 2021



How to Enable Webhook for Instagram Chatbot

To use Instagram Chatbot add-on features, you've to enable four events in Webhook settings Of Facebook App. Please go to Webhook of your facebook app and select instagram from Page dropdown. Then subscribe to comments, mentions, messages, messaging_postback events (see the image).     Now click on the Edit Subscription from the same page, put the corresponding Callback URL & V...

23rd Aug 2021



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Instagram Bot APP Approval Instruction

Before creating your screencast please follow the below steps: 1.You need to create two Instagram account, one account must be created by signup in Instagram And another Instagram account you need to create by login with Facebook. 2.Then setup bot in your signed up Instagram account in the Application and send message to signed up instagram account from the login with facebook account. Then b...

19th Aug 2021



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A detailed and comprehensive manual of ChatPion’s Flow builder

ChatPion is mainly a messenger bot building platform, though it has multiple features that can do online marketing. ChatPion’s messenger bot is a robust and powerful tool to talk to people smoothly and automatically. ChatPion has a classic bot builder to build a bot. With the classic bot builder, you can build a bot, though the process is a bit complex. The...

23rd May 2021



Purchase Code Registration Keep Loading ChatPion Installation

The possible reasons and solutions behind purchase code registration keep loading during xeroChat installation are below. Reason : 1. In your server all files & folder doesn't have write permission. 2. SSL configuration issue in your server. Solutions : 1. Make sure to provide write permissions to all folders & files. 755 should work , but depends on your server user group, it ma...

30th Apr 2021



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How to Upload Item to Market

How to Upload Item to Market You have already known that we have released a global online marketplace for ChatPion Messenger Bot Template where you can buy, sell and distribute messenger bot templates with people who need bot templates. You may know that ChatPion has already Export/Import bot template facilities, after creating a bot, you can export the bot as a template and then sell an...

20th Apr 2021



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How to Export/Import Bot Template With ChatPion

How to Export/Import Bot template with ChatPion  Beside manual Creation of Bot, you can export/import bot templates with ChatPion  for a entire page's settings. These settings will be included of your page during export & import: All Post-back All Action Button Reply including Get Started , No Match etc Persistent Menu Settings Visual Flow Builder Campaign User Input Flow B...

19th Apr 2021



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Pricing Comparison with Chatbot Service Provider and Chatbot Script

Pricing Comparison ChatPion is a white label self-hosted PHP script-- a complete software for Facebook Messenger Marketing. It consists of a Facebook chatbot builder, eCommerce store inside Messenger, Facebook & Instagram comment growth tool, Facebook & Instagram post scheduler, Email & SMS marketing automation, and social media management tools. In one word, it’s complete Multichannel mar...

25th Mar 2021



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FAQ of IniBazar - Instagram Marketing Software

Here are some FAQ of IniBazar may help you to understand better about this software : What’s the difference between ChatPion & IniBazar ? ChatPion is an all in one software with a lot of features including Facebook Messenger BOT, Facebook Comment BOT, E-Commerce, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Social Media posting , Instagram Posting , Instagram Comment BOT & more. Where IniBazar is...

17th Feb 2021



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